How to Live Through a Kitchen Renovation

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Kitchen renovations can be tricky especially if you plan to continue to live in your house through the renovation. Here’s a few life saving tips to help you survive time without a functioning kitchen.

My friend Jess is doing an entire kitchen remodel and expansion by themselves! They love their house and their neighborhood but the kitchen space a little smaller than she would like with her 4 growing boys. She took down a wall that was separating her laundry room from the kitchen to create more space for cabinets and to give her dining area a little more room. 

Before she jumped into demoing the kitchen or laundry room, she built this BEAUTIFUL laundry room down in her basement.

Go in Stages

She knew that it was going to take some time to do the complete remodel on their own with working, kids and summer so they decided to take it in stages which has saved her sanity to be able to have some of her kitchen function.

The first to come out was the range so she has been without a range for over a month. The first little bit was a struggle until she bought a ninja air fryer that doubles as an oven! She has been able to cook everything from salmon, chicken, veggies, pizza, cookies, & chopped sweet potatoes! It has definitely been a life saver! 

I LOVE the space saving model of her Ninja Airfryer. It flips so you don’t have it on the counter! I have the larger Ninja air fryer and it’s honestly my favorite kitchen gadget. It cooks all my food evenly, preheats in under 90 seconds, and has helped my kids become more independent.

click on the image to shop

click on the image to shop

Crockpot meals!!! Now is the time to utilize your crockpot! Toss in all your ingredients and let it cook all day while you demo away and run your kids to and from. During a kitchen renovation, this will save you so much time & cleaning.

Necessities Table

Since she had to take out majority of her cabinets and the pantry to do the first phase she created a necessity table with just the basic things they would need on the daily like bread, peanut butter, pancake mix, syrup, etc and put all of her baking and other ingredients out of the way to make the working space less cluttered. She was able to keep her sink and dishwasher functioning for some time before needing to take out the rest of the cabinets! She said for sure don’t take out more than you need at a time. It may seem better to gut everything at once but then your living without all of your kitchen instead of just parts at a time. 

Once the sink is not functioning switching to paper plates is the only way to survive! And easy dinners that you can make outside on the grill or smoker! (perks of a summer renovation) 

Mask off the construction zone

To try and keep the rest of the house as clean as possible she stapled plastic to her ceiling to enclose each working space as they got to it! She said that by stapling to the ceiling and using painters tape on the floor when they were done tearing out walls her living room tv stand didn’t have any dust on it! 

Know your shipping lead times

Be sure to plan according to a time frame. She will be laying new floors on the entire main level so she is going to have cabinets ready to go so once the flooring is done she can get right to installing the cabinets to be able to start putting things like her oven and fridge back in place and functioning! 


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