Hi, I'm Christine


Hi! I’m Christine, and I am a do it yourself enthusiast who loves home design, creating projects from scratch and the excitement and satisfaction of saying, “yeah, I built that!” 

I am a Las Vegas native, but have resided in Salt Lake City, Utah for the past 10 years. A mom to three preschool and younger munchkins, a wife to a very busy real estate agent and high school basketball coach, as well as a Registered Nurse and passionate fitness lover. In between triaging patients, cheering on basketball games, and nap times I enjoy building things to transform my house into a home where I love every square inch.

How did you get started with building projects?
I grew up tagging along as my dad’s apprentice as a child going to homes he was working on as a plumber. I remember being in 3rd grade and drawing boxes on a piece of paper of what my “dream house” was going to look like.

I married my husband back in 2010 and we moved into a 1950’s duplex and one day I decided I was sick of the gross pink tile that I took a sledge hammer to the bathroom. Since then I have tiled many bathrooms, painted many walls, and transformed 3 1/2 homes (I say half because we have only begun to start on our current house).

Why blog about your projects?
I have scoured the internet and google for blogs/websites that not only show the beauty of a do it yourself project, but actually SHOW YOU how you can recreate it. So many times I have stumbled on a finished project with huge question marks as to how they got there. I want this to be a resource for those beginners to see just how simple some of these “do it yourself” projects truly are.