DIY Beginner Basics

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Learning HOW to DIY can save you thousands of dollars + the satisfaction of saying "YEAH! I built that"

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do.

This is the online course developed specifically for YOU, someone who is very new to DIY, home improvement, and design. The hardest part of starting your own home projects is knowing the materials to use, how to start, and most importantly how to preserver through those mess-ups to get a product you are proud of. DIY Beginner Basics was designed with no fluff, just the real stuff to get you started on your DIY journey.
Showcasing the best products to use for any given application to help eliminate frustrations, money wasted, and the why & how to behind it all. 


Feel comfortable & confident working with power tools safely

Understand how to measure correctly

Eliminate the intimidation from shopping for supplies

How and where to search for inspiration and tutorials. Break down a tutorial like a recipe. – You will learn the skills to look at any tutorial & be able to follow it start to finish.

Be able to finish a project like a pro! Experienced in caulking, wood filling, sanding, and painting.

Let's get building! This is the section where you stills will be put to the test! We will combine all of the knowledge learned in the first 4 sections to build floating shelves together. This section also contains bonus content that is updated annually. 


Where to find inspiration and how to plan your designs! This module will cover how to utilize instagram and pinterest to not only follow your favorites but to save, categorize, and build your own style portfolio. This section will also teach you how to create mood boards and the basics of Sketchup which is a free online software that enables you to draw 3D plans. 


The tips and tricks. Over the last 12 years I have learned a lot of things the hard way. I want to fast forward your DIY knowledge by teaching you the tips and tricks I have learned throughout the past decade. These are the tips that take your projects from beginner status to woah, did you hire a contractor?


The Why & How! This section will teach you attainable step by step on how your walls are constructed, how to measure, cut at various angles, and the basics of home construction. These are the fundamentals that will help you get started.


Let's get started!
Safety tips and shopping. All the best products, where they are in your local Home Depot, and what they are used for! Let's overcome the fear of home improvement shopping together.

MODULE ONE - Beginner Basics

9 Modules + Online CommunitY
Go at your own pace
Lifetime Access

How it works

Ask questions, share inspiration pictures, encourage and learn from
one another in our private facebook group. 

Plumbing.  My dad is a professional plumber for over 30 years and he teaches his tips and tricks for beginner plumbing.  How to remove and install a toilet, switching out your shower plumbing, installing a sink and faucet, installing water lines, as well as shop the home improvement aisles with him as he teaches you the must have plumbing tools for any homeowner. 


Kitchen Cabinets.  Refacing or installing new cabinets is one of my favorite ways to completely transform a space and the equity of your home.  This module goes over how to spatial plan cabinets, how to build a cabinet box.  Using IKEA Cabinets, how to shop pre-made doors or even make your own from scratch (beginner friendly techniques). 


Hardwood floors.  The pros ands cons of hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl vs. Laminate vs. Tile.  How to install a floating floor.  How to cut pieces for a flooring install. How to install baseboards. 


Tile.  How to demo a space with tile, repair and rebuild to be able to waterproof and install new tile.  How to install tile with musselbound and thinset mortar.  Tricky tile cuts around outlets, pipes while using a score and snap and tile wet saw.  How to make sure your tile install is level and plumb. 


+ Private Online COmmunity

i can help because i've been there

Six years ago, I was overwhelmed with the cyclic mom duties and needed an outlet for me.  DIY saved me. 

I struggled with the transition from working mom to stay at home home of 3 young kids.  The constant picking up of toys, dishes, and messes was running my life and I just needed something with a beginning and an end. 

Each day I would work a little on a DIY project to fill my cup and make me a better mom.  Excited as I found forward progress on something I BUILT with my own two hands.  

I found me again through DIY.  I found happiness in my home built by me which in turn made me a better wife, mom, and friend.

Have a basics understanding of power tools

Design kitchen layouts

Basics of building cabinet boxes

How to tile a floor, wall, backsplash, shower.

How to install floating floors, and the basics of plumbing.


Learn the basics of power tools

How to build using pocket holes, caulking, sanding, and painting

How to follow a tutorial/template

Basics of Sketchup design, Moodboards

Which screws to use, whats behind your wall, and the why's of all basic construction 

Beginner Basics

- Nancy @nwdickson

"So grateful for Christine & the community she has built that makes all of us feel like we can do such things.
Best part is having my kids be so proud of me and knowing they see their MOM as the one making this happen!"

I finally did my first 100% build! And I had to get my garage cleared and my workshop done before doing anything else! Plus I needed a workbench!
I am sooooooo glad that I took this course! If I didn’t do it, I’m not sure I would have even started! Thanks Christine! Not sure I would have done all this without you!

"I am sooooooo glad that I took this course! If I didn’t do it, I’m not sure I would have even started! "

This could be you....


Now I have finished the basics of my first project...turning my office into a bedroom so my girls don’t have to share anymore. I was suffering from major depression and anxiety to the point of suicidal thoughts, and this course and project gave me a goal to work towards. I’m so proud of myself and my accomplishments and using power tools (other than a drill) for the first time. Thank you, Christine, for giving me the confidence to tackle this and for getting me through a really tough time in my life 

"I was suffering from major depression and anxiety... and this course and project gave me a goal to work towards."




- Amber W.

Before this course, I had only used a drill. After I’ve done a few small projects....pantry shelves, board and batten wall, etc. But I never in a million years imagined I could build something like this. Thanks Christine for your motivating course and inspiration.

- Melissa

"Anyone who is still a bit intimidated to start.
I can honestly say taking the first step is the hardest part!"

"I bought Christine's DIY Beginner course back in November because I had so many dreams, but not really the courage to do anything. I figured investing in some empowerment (and fabulous tutorials) was the best self-investment I could make to get these dreams off the ground! I took my time, but I’m so proud of my hallway makeover! I wanted to share this with anyone who is still a bit intimidated to start. I can honestly say taking the first step is the hardest part!

I’m crafty my nature, but I never really thought I was capable of pulling off home improvement projects like this! I hope you find this inspiring to take the plunge if something is holding you back!

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Read More Reviews

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DIY Beginner Basics

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  • Basics of tiling, plumbing, cabinetry, painting and more. 
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in Yourself

-  Sarah

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

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Read More Reviews


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When does the course start?

45 day money back guarantee!
If you have completed the course in its entirety and are unhappy with the content, please email for a full refund.  No refunds will be offered after 45 days regardless of reason. 

Do you offer a money back guarentee?

Yes and no. Ideally for this course and if you are serious about starting to DIY, you should own a miter saw, a drill, and a nail gun. These are what I call the necessity tools, but if you have a neighbor or a family member you can borrow them from what works as well. If you have a DIY Bestie, you can go in on tools together and lower the cost as well as purchase refurbished/lightly used tools from places such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Specialty tools can also be rented from your local hardware store if you. Need it for just one project. My rule of thumb is when you go to start a new project include a portion of your budget to buy the one tool you’ll need for that project. No need to fill a workshop with tools that you may or may not use.

Will I need to buy tools?

Yes! We offer 2 monthly payments of $140.  You do get immediate access to the course after the initial payment.  The 2nd payment will be an autopay.  Click here to purchase the course with a payment plan.  

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