You can't get to your after,
without a plan!

Make a plan (or follow a HBH template) to get you where you want to be, in a home you love and are proud of! Renovate with Honey Built Home gives you all the tools you need to get started!

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Welcome to the Renovate Family

The ultimate DIY app that gets crap DONE! 

The ultimate DIY app that
gets crap DONE! 

Follow along an existing Honey Built Home project template or utilize the app to track your tasks, materials, receipts, budget, and keep your design inspirations all in one place, your pocket. 

our app is for you if:

You want to learn how to build furniture & accent walls

You are so overwhelmed with a project and don't know how to break it down

You want all your ideas, tasks, receipts, and designs in one place 

You have trouble gaining motivation to pick up where you left off. 

Renovate the app was created for ANY level of DIYer.  Whether you are just starting out and need step by step help or you are a DIY master and need help organizing your ideas.  It is also for the dreamer to save all your ideas, and the budget conscious to house those receipts. 

 dream big.
  stay focused
 make it happen!

dream big.
stay focused.
make it happen

Focus on Projects

"I appreciate budget being a top priority and am looking forward to having more organization and focus with my projects because of how this app lays everything out!"

- Wrider

Essential for sticking to my deadlines

"I added my deadlines and coordinated them with my whole family of 5 schedule, and I feel waaaaay less overwhelmed with everything I still have to do."


Meet Christine Gummersall, a mother of 4, coach's wife, former Labor and Delivery nurse, and self taught DIYer who decided to take a sledge hammer to her 1950's bathroom over a decade ago and hasn't stopped tackling her honey-do list since.  Folow along as christine breaks down the pretty afters, by showing the whole how to process and empowers you to STOP waiting, and START creating a home you love, with your own two hands! 

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When Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with beautiful staged afters and less than pretty before's,
there lacked a HOW. 

Renovate is there to help you get from your before to your after by giving you a place to filled with all the during, middle and messy! A place where you can learn HOW and WHY and feel empowered and inspired and motivated to transform your own blank and boring into the bold and beautiful! 

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