How to Pick Kitchen Countertops

I’m sure the decision fatigue has set in already if you are renovating a kitchen and or building a home/new kitchen. I know the feeling, but luckily I was able to get help from experienced and trusted experts at Chris and Dick’s Countertops as they led and guided me through the countertop buying process. If you are local to the Salt Lake City, UT area be sure to check our their showroom located in West Valley City, Utah, if not keep reading on because there’s LOTS of helpful tips on picking kitchen counters that are sure to ease some of that decision fatigue.

Make A Folder of Dream Kitchens

Yes! You heard me right! This is the BEST tip I can give for going into a kitchen renovation. Have an idea of what you LOVE in a kitchen. Is it the white on white on white? the natural earthy tones? stark contrast? Clean lines or organic patterns? Look through all of your images and see what SPEAKS to you, and even show these images to your countertop experts as you select your countertops.


Pick your cabinets (aka know your cabinet color)

I knew my kitchen was going to have navy blue cabinets and knowing your cabinet color can help narrow down the choices of countertops. More importantly, it can help you select the “right match” based on the tone of your color and the tone of your cabinets. The goal is for both the cabinets and counters to complement each other seamlessly! Tip: bring your cabinet door or paint swatch in when you select your countertops. Select 2 or 3 samples and bring them home with you to see in your natural lighting. The “right choice” should stick out like a sore thumb.

What Type of Stone is Best

This is a very difficult choice as there are no right or wrong answers. Only what is best for you, your family, and the overall aesthetic you desire for your kitchen (or bathroom). So instead of telling you what to get. I’m going to share some pros and cons to each type of countertop, and you can ultimately decide what is best for you. For my basement kitchen, I selected a white quartz called Portofino Classico Quartz. It is a true white with a subtle grey veining throughout.


Quartz traditionally has a higher price tag to natural stone. It is a composition counter meaning that it’s mostly quartz stone mixed with polymers (manufactured patterns). Meaning, every slab of quartz can look the same. The pros: it’s ultra-durable and resistant to scratches and chipping and its density makes it hard to stain! It has very low maintenance. No need to be sealed and can be cleaned with a wet rag and gentle soap. The cons: it is not a natural stone. It is one of the more expensive countertops at approximately $40-100 sq. ft. installed..



Marble is beautiful with so much variety in terms of veining and color combinations and looks luxurious and is a natural stone. Cons: it needs to be resealed frequently and is not as durable to stains and scratches from everyday wear and tear, and averages the most expensive at $50-150 sq. ft.


Granite has been a longstanding staple for a lot of kitchens and bathrooms. It is a natural material full of color variation within each slab, and lots of variety across slabs. Once sealed it is extremely durable but does require the maintenance of being consistently sealed every 6-12 months to maintain its all-star performance, otherwise it can absorb spills and stain, is heat resistant and can withstand normal wear and tear.



Soapstone is less common in new construction, but if you are looking for a rustic, milky dark countertop, check out soapstone. While a softer stone, it is non-porous meaning it won’t absorb stains! To help keep its beautiful look, it does need to be routinely oiled.

Be sure to check out the wide selection of countertops at Chris and Dick’s Salt Lake City, UT.


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