Stainmaster Carpet: Overcome the fear of Patterned Carpet

We’ve lived in our home for a little over four years and one of the features we loved most about when we moved in was that the previous home owner thought outside of the box and chose a combination of patterned carpet for the stairs and a neutral carpet for the bedrooms. Living with the patterned carpet for a few years before we upgraded the whole home’s carpet allows us to feel more comfortable with the concept of patterned carpet. As we ventured into the Stainmaster showroom we were greeted with hundreds of carpet styles, but immediately knew for the stairs we would continue the trend of patterned carpet, and even went with a different patterned carpet for the bedrooms and living spaces! Here’s a few reasons to consider patterned carpet if you are hesitant.

Neutral Color Patterned Stainmaster Carpet, still read neutral

Say that twice to fully let it sink in. A neutral color, patterned carpet can still fit into any homes style and feel neutral! Try choosing a pattern that is multicolor! The multicolor allows it to match different wall colors and home decor. Stainmaster has a wide variety of creams, grays, beige, tans, and even muted blues that would compliment so many homes!


Patterned Carpet Pros

Patterned carpet is usually done with loop fibers, which means you get the cushion from the fibers being tightly looped together so it is soft Patterned carpet offers a combination of cut and loop pile. You get the cushion from the fibers being tightly looped together so it is soft to the touch. In addition to the great STAINMASTER® benefits of stain resistance and durability, the change in color of the pattern also helps disguise wear and soiling. Plus, a patterned carpet looks more elegant and higher end!

Narrowing Down Patterned Carpets

Choosing a patterned carpet can feel overwhelming, my suggestion would be in larger areas like living rooms choose a smaller repeating pattern. The pattern on a large scale will not feel as overwhelming. On smaller spaces, like stairs, or a singular bedroom you can take a little more risk and opt for a large scale pattern. It will turn into a main feature of the space everyone compliments and notices! Lowe’s has a wide selection of Stainmaster patterned carpets you can check out in store as well as online. Here’s a few of my favorite.

STAINMASTER PetProtect Fetch Mohair Pattern Carpet – This carpet is most similar to the one in my home. It has texture, dimension with the looped pattern, but overall gives a very neutral feel to compliment any space!

coming soon

STAINMASTER PetProtect Secret Dream Canvas Pattern Carpet – another carpet similar to mine but the two tone has much more contrast than the other carpet choice.

coming soon

STAINMASTER PetProtect Stroll Pepperdock Pattern Carpet – very similar to the stair carpet I currently have. We love having the contrasting colors, dark overall tone to hide and conceal wear and tear on the carpet.

STAINMASTER PetProtect Bark City Smoked Oyster Pattern Carpet – if you want an in-between loop and short pile carpet with a pattern, this one is my favorite! I love the dimension and pattern.

Check out Lowe’s selection of Stainmaster Carpets here!!

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