Kitchen Island Sink Layout

This post is sponsored by Elkay, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Back in January when we started the construction and planning phase of the basement I struggled a lot with the kitchen layout. I knew the kitchen was confined to the section of the room due to plumbing and sewer drains. I also knew I wanted the kitchen to feel like a beautiful space and not a stock cabinet special. As I played around with kitchen layouts the thing that kept stumping me was the placement of the sink. I didn’t want to have to tear out the concrete foundation to move plumbing and drains, but he insisted that I do what I WANT not what is the budget/practical decision. So, for an extra $200 I got the kitchen layout of my dreams with my sink in the center of it all!

Choosing a sink

Of all the kitchen decisions, flooring, tile, cabinet configurations, door style and lets not even get started on cabinet hardware (I’m STILL in gridlock on that), the EASIEST decision was picking an Elkay White Porcelain Farmhouse Sink. Originally I planned for a 30″ sink with all the bells and whistles you see here below. A groove that fits a cutting board, one basin, and wire rack, but unfortunately planned my cabinets incorrectly and that sink didn’t fit. Luckily, Elkay offers a wide variety of sizes so I was able to scale down to the 24″ and it fits perfectly in the space.

Installing the sink

A few of the features that had me sold was the stretch and strain resistance and the extra deep bowl, plus its REVERSIBLE! Once side has a little front edge lip and the other side is flat and modern. The installation went pretty smooth as well. A farmhouse sink just needs a little 1×2″ grid platform to sit on top of. Install the platform directly into the cabinet box and the sink sits flush with the top of the cabinet boxes and is ready for counters to surround it and seal it in place. For more details on our basement counters and cabinets click here.



We ended up selecting a 3 hole Bridge Faucet. The style is so classic and timeless with its cured handle detail. It’s probably my favorite feature of the entire kitchen and one that I planned my entire kitchen design around.

If you are in the market for a new kitchen sink be sure to check out Elkay’s wide and beautiful selection of sinks and fixtures!


-xo Christine

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