Bed Sheet Review: The Best Bed Sheets, But seriously.

Y’all have pulled through and nominated your favorite bed sheets and we have put them to the test and I’m here to tell you all about these so called “favorite bed sheets” and tell you what I personally think are the BEST best sheets.

If you are looking for room sources see the master bedroom reveal, how to board and batten, and how to build a canopy bed.

So based on your opinions the top 5 recommended sheets were (and not in any specific order), Costco Kirkland Cotton Sheets, Costco Charisma Cotton Sheets, Target Threshold Performance Cotton Sheets, Cariloha Bamboo Sheets, & Amazon Mellanni Microfiber Sheets.

Cotton vs. the Rest Best Bed Sheets

Three of the five are 100% cotton and the remaining two are microfiber and bamboo. The three cotton sheets are similar, and I’ll explain what small differences they have later, but here’s more on the “not cotton.”

Mellanni Microfiber

Mellanni Sheet Set Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding-Wrinkle Fade, Stain Resistant Hypoallergenic.
100% Microfiber very budget friendly from $27 Twin up to $32 for a King and over 62,000 yes I said THOUSAND reviews on Amazon. Unlike other microfiber sheets, the most resemble cotton. At times I actually forgot that they were microfiber. They were soft, didn’t wrinkle, and held tightly over my mattress. They come in a WIDE variety of colors (like 40). If you are one who likes clean, pressed sheets, these are probably not for you. They come across more like a cotton, than what I envision a regular microfiber feels like. So they are soft, stretchy, but do not give off a “pressed” look. Another downfall for me personally is as I moved my legs in the bed there wasn’t a cool spot I could find. These sheets aren’t hot, but they certainly aren’t cool.

Cariloha Bamboo

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets 100% Viscose Bamboo. These have deep pockets to hold tight to the mattress. These are by far the softest sheets out of the 5 tested. When I first placed them on the bed, my husband exclaimed, “THESE ARE SO SOFT” and in his mind the test was over. These sheets I would equate to a jersey knit cotton + silk. Very stretchy, very very soft, and practically wrinkle free. They come in a few colors, mostly muted tones and their white is a stark bright white. I felt like these sheets clung to my legs instead of just laying over them and personally I felt hot in them even though their website states they keep you 3 degrees cooler than cotton because of the breathability. But maybe that’s just me and that won’t be an issue for you.

Comparing the Cottons

Threshold Performance Sateen

First is Target Threshold Performance 400 thread count sateen cotton sheets. They are minimal to moderate in the wrinkle department depending on how long they are left in the dryer ;). With each wash they soften up, as you would expect from a cotton, but hold up well. These sheets could be pressed to give that clean look. A set comes with 2 pillow cases, a flat and a fitted. 2 elastics and a deep pocket keep these sheets in place on your mattress. Frequently target has 25-30% off bedding sales which makes these a great deal for the price. They come in a wide variety of patterns which is unlike any of the other 4 sheets, as well as a wide variety of solid colors.

Kirkland Pima Cotton

Costco Kirkland 680 Pima Cotton Sheets. These sheets were highly recommended and I see why. They were the only king set to come with 4 pillow cases, they are thicker without feeling hot or heavy. Their version of white comes across more as a soft white instead of a stark white. They can be pressed and have the added detail on the edge of the pillow case which elevates them above the bamboo and microfiber sheets. If I directly compare them to the Target Performance sheets I would say they are very very similar, but a little softer and less silky. To me, they are the definition of cotton sheets. Do not feel hot, but instead keep my legs feeling cool. Downfall is you have to be a Costco member to purchase these sheets, and they are more expensive than the Target Performance. They also are limited in their color options at 4 different colors and no patterns.

Charisma 100% Cotton

Charisma 400 thread count 100% cotton sheets are half the cost of the Kirkland model and also sold at Costco. They are much thinner feeling than the two listed above, but by far the softest, silkiest. They are not as pressed looking as the other two and a few recent friends indicated they’ve bought several and after a few washes they were finding holes in the sheets. Luckily Costco’s amazing return policy made this not a complete loss. If I were to pick between Charisma and the Threshold I would pick the Threshold. Charisma does come in a few different color options, but finding a white king set in stock in the store is next to impossible.

Cost Comparison

In order here’s the price range for a king set of sheets.
Cariloha come in pricey at $199-249 per set.
Kirkland $90
Target Threshold Performance $60
Charisma $60
Mellanni $32

My Best Bed Sheets Recommendations

Clearly there is a vast price difference from the bamboo down to the microfiber set. If you are in the market for a budget friendly set I do think the Mellanni Microfiber is a great set for the price.

I would also suggest the Target Threshold Performance line since they are $60 which is reasonable, they do frequently go on sale as low as $35 which makes them a steal for the quality and price.

If investing is in your budget I would highly recommend the Kirkland sheets. They come with 4 pillow cases, and while they are $90, if you do have an issue with them you are backed by Costco’s return policy and I dub these, the best bed sheets.

All 5 sheet sets are comfortable, great options, and I’m thrilled y’all had such amazing recommendations.

What are your favorite sheets?

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4 years ago

Love the review! Very helpful including thickness, cool factor, wrinkles etc! Kirkland Sheets to go 😉

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