Grinch Window Silhouette Tutorial

No better way to get in the Christmas Spirit than to adding a little character to your home. Last year we put up Grinch yard decor made from plywood that we inherited from a friend. The grinch appears to be tearing the Christmas lights straight off the house. A very clever way to decorate your home with Christmas lights, but avoid the steep peaks with a 15′ ladder!

This simple and easy project will take you 15 minutes, and 5 dollars and your kids will LOVE it.

First download this printable (click the download button below instead of saving this image to be sure the quality is large enough).

Upload the image to your local printer. For me I use Office Depot, but Staples, Fedex also provide the engineer blue print printable option.

Here’s video instructions for how I uploaded and printed to Office Depot.

I decided to put up a 24×36″ size which is large enough, I think I could go bigger, but I’d need a lot more poster board.

Cut out the image and use it as a stencil on the black poster board, for the 24×36″ version I used two black poster boards taped together. I found it easiest to use spray adhesive and attach the cut out image onto the poster board then cut it out. You can also attach the blueprint directly onto the poster board and cut them together if the grinch is “facing” the way you want him to.

You want to have the black portion directly on the glass of your window. Once it’s cut out I taped it to the window and closed the blinds. I’ve seen examples where people have applied tissue paper on the rest of the window behind the silhouette, but I liked the white of my blinds.

What do you think? Do you think you’re kids are gonna love it or what?

Grinch + Max Outdoor Template

I got so much love on our outdoor Christmas decor from last year that I searched and was able to find the templates for you to make your own Grinch & Max tearing the lights off your house.

The Grinch and Max were traced onto 1/2″ plywood and propped up with 2×4’s.

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