How to Pick Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures​

How to Pick Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

This post is sponsored by Wayfair x Kohler, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Over the last 6 years I have tackled numerous kitchen and bathroom makeovers within my own homes. Here are my top tips when selecting finishes for your kitchen and bathroom.  With Kohler’s quality and extensive list of products, I was able to achieve the kitchen & bathroom of my dreams. Shop Kohler on Wayfair to get started on your reno today!

Mix Metals

Mixing finishes is my jam. Don’t be afraid to mix 2 and even 3 different metal finishes within a space.  In my latest bathroom renovation I selected brushed nickel shower fixtures, knobs, and Kohler faucets, but opted for brass lighting and mirrors.  The two compliment each other well and doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy. 

In our kitchens I have done a similar thing. Combining a chrome Kohler faucet with our brass hardware. Both contain sleek traditional lines giving the overall space a modern traditional vibe.

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2- Tips for choosing fixtures

Many times in a quick update you are selecting faucets to replace an existing fixture that is either broken, outdated, or not your style.  When selecting a new fixture here are a few key things to think about. 

Single Hole, 4 in or 8 in faucet

Each of your countertops will have precut holes. The hole spacing will either be 1 centered hole, 3 holes with the outer holes 4″ apart, or 3 holes with the outer holes 8″ apart known as widespread. 

Assess your faucet holes to narrow down what replacement faucet you can purchase.  

*TIP: if you have 4″ apart holes in your countertop you can upgrade to a centered hole faucet with a plate that covers up the other 3 holes. Most faucets come with this plate. 

See the image below. Same faucet. One has the deckplate, the other does not. 

Handle Placement 

If you do have 3 holes in your countertop you have the option to pick between separate hot and cold handles or one lever.

The nice thing about 1 lever is the ease on controlling a luke warm-warm temperature, but esthetically the separate hot and cold handles provide a timeless look.  

Kohler Crue Single Handle Semiprofessional Faucet – one lever attached to the side of the faucet for temperature control. 

Kohler Artifacts Touch Bridge Faucet – hot and cold on each side with their own handles. 

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3- Create a mood board

There’s really nothing that helps you narrow down selecting fixtures and finishes like designing a mood board.

I have a full blog post linked here, that takes you step by step on how to create a moodboard with Pages (same process applies in powerpoint) and both programs are free!

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