Bidet Toilet Seat: A Nurse’s Review


Bidets are certainly not a new way of bathroom hygiene, but they have advanced with technology. Bidets are not only more environmentally friendly, but also a more hygienic way of cleansing yourself.

Separate Bidets originated in the 1700’s in France as a way of cleansing after a bowel movement. They looked like a miniature toilet/child’s drinking fountain and for us who are foreign to the concept of a bidet, they seem intimidating and left us with so many questions. What do you do as a female who is just peeing? How do you dry yourself? Isn’t the water cold? How is it sanitary?

Advancement in Bidet Technology

Well like I said, bidets have come a long way in the last 300+ years and Coway’s Bidetmega 200 is no exception. This bidet is actually built into a toilet seat saving on space and eliminating the need for an entirely separate plumbed unit. It contains all the bells in whistles to take your stock toilet seat to the Mercedes of toilet seats.

Heated seat: Check
Water Temperature adjustment: Check
Rear Button: Check
Female Front Botton: Check
Child Button: Check
Seat Sensor: Check

So what are the pros to using a bidet as opposed to toilet paper?

Keeps you from getting sick & getting others sick.

First off, 80% of disease transmission occurs from skin to skin contact, aka you wipe your rear and then touch something or someone. By using a bidet you are eliminating the step of your hands possibly touching feces.

But how can water be more hygienic without using soap? Well, the same question should be asked how can thin paper be more hygienic? The body is very sensitive in the rectal area and constant soap or cleansing products actually dry out the mucosal lining, which you don’t want. It is actually starting nurse practice for diaper rashes to wash the buttocks with warm water and air dry or pat dry with a towel as opposed to wiping with wipes. Avoiding chemicals, soaps, and friction from wiping actually helps heal the damaged skin.

Environmentally Friendly

By opting to use water and an air dry powered bidet instead of toilet paper. In the US alone we could be saving 15 million trees a year! And if you are thinking, but you’re wasting water with a bidet, you’re wrong! It takes a lot of water to make and produce toilet paper. By using a bidet you are actually SAVING water. Plus keeping those sewers and septic tanks waste to a minimum.

Why Coway Bidetmega 200?

Like I mentioned above, the features Coway offers in their Bidetmega 200 is impressive compared to the inexpensive price tag, and my friends, for being here you are a special discount of 15% off your order using the code: HONEYBUILTHOME

Favorite Coway Bidetmega 200 Features

DIY Installation | Install was an absolute breeze. No need to hire a plumber, simply attach the accompanied T attachment and waterline and you are up and running in minutes.

Female button | I feel like this is an obvious first favorite feature. The gentle warm water wash leaves you not only feeling clean. But can also aid in preventing infections such as UTI’s or postpartum infections.

Seat Sensor | For all those curious kiddos out there who we know will start taking buttons and creating a stream of launching water, the Coway Bidet has a weight sensitive seat that limits the operable buttons unless someone is actually sitting on the toilet. This sensor is disabled if you use to child button since their weight may not be heavy enough to deactivate the sensor, which is also helpful.

Child Wash | Being a mom of 3 and constantly wiping bottoms, this setting helps my kids to be more independent and to also be cleaner. The stream is very low pressure since their skin is so sensitive.

Seat Warmer | Say goodbye to goosebumps and the stark surprise of a cold toilet seat with Coway’s seat warmer function.

Self Cleaning Bidet | Yes, you heard it here first, this bidet has a two-stage self cleaning and has two separate ducts for air and water to increase hygiene.


If you are interested in making the upgrade to a bidet system, look no further than Coway’s 90-day money back guarantee to trial their bidet. I promise you will be sold and so will all of your family and guests!

Be sure to check out to get your bidet seat and be sure to use code HONEYBUILTHOME for 15% off your order!

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