Laundry Room Makeover Reveal & Budget Breakdown

laundry room

Budget friendly, $580 laundry room makeover to not only make the space more beautiful, but mostimportantly to make the layout function better. The makeover was a combination of a laundry sorting cabinet tower, floating shelves, shiplap, and a PVC clothes drying rack hack.


The Before Laundry Room:


We first moved into our home I knew the laundry roomneeded some upper cabinets or “something” different in this laundry room. I’m not sure (other than for cost purposes) why the family whobuilt my home only put in lowers.

My biggest frustrations with the room was its lack of space to sort dirty laundry. We ended up with countless pilesright outside the door because there was no where else for it to go.

My secondary problem was transferring clothes from mywasher to dryer and my dryer being so close to my door as it swings open.

I got on Sketchup and created a mock drawing for what I wanted in the space. I originally was going to put in two additional upper cabinets but my husband convinced me to do open shelving instead and I’m so happy I did.

Sketchup is a FREE web based program helpful for layouts with dimensions, woodworking projects, and creating tutorials.

A layout that I didn’t use, but helps visualize how things would like had I had more upper cabinets.

Here’s the cost breakdown:


Laundry room cabinet (Tutorial linked here).

-wood $164
-paint $45
Total = $209


Shiplap (shiplap)

Shiplap $162
electrical box extenders $7
-paint $37
Crown molding $56
Total = $262

DIY pipe clothes rack (tutorial linked here).

-PVC Pipe $12
-metal flanges $20
Total = $32


Floating shelves (Tutorial linked here).

-Plywood $72 (but I do have 1/3 of the left over to use on future projects)
-trim $10
-stain and wood conditioner $21
Total = $103

Grand total = $580


Other Supplies and tools you may need, if you don’t already have:

10 Ft. Dryer Chord
Laundry Baskets
Wood Stain
Wall Sconces
Laundry Hamper – Similar
Multi Gang Electrical Box Extender
Paint Sprayer
Brad Nailer
Stud Finder
Miter Saw
Washer Stacking Kit


And that’s the full breakdown! For a whole laundry room makeover, I’d say it’s pretty budget friendly! 

As always, for more tips and project breakdowns, be sure to follow along on Instagram @honeybuilthome 

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