Moody Bathroom REVEAL: One Room Challenge Spring 2019

It’s done it’s done! The moody bathroom is done! I’m so excited to show this love of labor with you. It’s been a long six weeks full of new adventures, with a lot of behind the scenes shared on my instagram @honeybuilthome, but I’m so happy with the finished project and for going with my gut and making it moody and dark green.

To see more amazing transformations from one room challenge participants, click here. To look back at my progress of the moody bathroom click on the corresponding weeks.
1: The Plan
2: Demo
3: Progress Wainscoting
4: Tiling & Wallpaper
5: More Tiling

Progress Light

The Before:

Here’s what the before looked like. I had cement tiles that had to be removed so we started with a blank canvas.

The After: Moody Bathroom

This room on the blueprints of my home was actually part of our utility room, just a useless little hallway to nothing, but my dad who is a plumber came up and moved drains and chipped concrete for a week to get it so we could have another toilet and shower downstairs.

Curtain Rod
Extra Long Textured Shower Curtain


First on the agenda for the project was tiling the floor of the moody bathroom. I used big matte, black hexagon tiles with natural grey grout. I complimented the black floor with white subway tile and matching small hexagon black shower floor all while using the same natural gray grout.

Next on the docket was the board and batten wainscoting which was $30 and turned out perfect (see week 3 for the tutorial on that).


Custom wallpaper by Livette’s wallpaper in the pattern brush strokes colored matched Essex Green. Thank you to Livette’s for helping sponsor this one room challenge transformation.

This wallpaper was very easy to install. It came in sheets (not rolls), so each sheet is cut to the length that I need (48″, I did 46″ and cut off 2″ from each strip to make up for uneven ceilings). Because it comes in sheets and not a roll there is very little waste trying to line up your seems. It also has a wipeable linen texture to it and is thick! The hardest part of the install was cutting the paper because of its thickness.

I chose to go with a peek and stick primarily for ease of installation but Livette’s Wallpaper also offers the traditional glue panels. A lot of their prints can also be customized. The watercolor brushstroke pattern I picked out displays as black on their website, but they have a list of other colors, and can customize to any color you’d like. Go check them out and here’s a coupon code for 10% off INTERIORLOVERS.

All of the fixtures were a combination of matte black with oil rubbed bronze. They complimented each other and tie in the wood elements.


The vanity was custom made by a local woodworker to fit the space. It measures 21″ x 36″ and has a remanent 3cm Hanstone Specchio White Quartz with a 2 1/2″ mitered edge done by Chris and Dicks Countertops.

Here are all of the sources of everything used in the space. By shopping through my site I make a small percentage through affiliate marketing. Click on the image for a direct link.

Shop the space:

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Be sure to follow along @honeybuilthome on instagram for more project, tutorials, and behind the scenes of it all.

Soap Dispenser Wood Vase Bathroom Rug White Grid Towels Small Canister medium canister black and white striped hand towel bath brush Planter with stand

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