Bathroom Week 5: One Room Challenge

What a rollercoaster of motivation this week. Truthfully I started off in the slump of all slumps mentally. I was in major project burnout, but I’m happy to report that having a deadline kicked my butt into gear and I pressed on and made some serious headway in the bathroom.

To see progress from week 1, week 2, week 3, or week 4 click on the weeks. To see progress and inspiration from the other fabulous One Room Challenge designers click here.

First: TILE. I was able to completely tile to the ceiling on the main wall and along both side which was huge because getting out the tile saw was one of the “burnout” problems to my project.

Wallpaper installed!

Mussel Bound- an adhesive tiling mat that eliminates the need for thinnest mortar. It is pretty ingenious stuff. I have a whole blog post on my thoughts here.

Following all the tile work was grouting. I chose to go with a neutral gray grout to create some subtle depth that a white or a black wouldn’t be able to do. It gives just enough contrast without too much.

Excited to wrap things up and get onto the final week of the one room challenge. Be sure to stay tuned to see the final reveal!

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