One Room Challenge Week 4: Bathroom Progress

This was a big week for the one room bathroom challenge where I finally felt like the elements of my design were coming together.

To see progress from week 1, week 2, or week 3 click on the weeks. To see progress and inspiration from the other fabulous One Room Challenge designers click here.

I mentioned on my instastories that I went to a countertop place local to Salt Lake City called Chris and Dicks. They give the option to not only buy regular stone countertops like quartz or granite, but they have a parking lot full of remnants for a good price (remnants are just left over slabs from previous projects). I went to the lot and picked out two slabs of quartz for our two bathroom vanities (yes I’m crazy and in addition to the ORC I am finishing the neighboring bathroom next door).

This week’s bathroom progress:

Picked out countertops and had the company come out to template.

Installed 2/3 of the wallpaper

Install Vanity Light

Start subway tile in the shower


The wallpaper install was easier than I anticipated. A full tutorial on the wallpaper here. The biggest tip I can give is to start with a straight line, and overhand the top and bottom of the wallpaper so as your ceiling height changes you don’t run short.

Subway tile:

I ranted and raved about this new product I learned about called Mussell Bound. Basically it replaced the need for thin set or mortar on any wall surface. Say what? Yes. My husband also didn’t believe me until he saw it in action. It is life changing.

The product can only be used on wall surfaces (sorry no floors). It basically is like a roll of double stick tape. Biggest tips are to wrap the corners and seams to help keep things waterproof and to keep the unused portions covered with the plastic so it doesn’t get dirty and loose its stick. Full tutorial here.

This next week’s agenda is to finish the subway tile so I can then finish the wallpaper butting the two together.

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