More than Throw Pillows with Blue & Co.

It’s already week 5 of the One Room Challenge, and I couldn’t be more excited to share about a small business that everyone NEEDS to know about, Blue & Co.

Blue & Co

Custom designer throw pillows with a story started by Jordan Tingey. Here’s Jordan.


“I am combining my love for interior design and my passion for advocating for my son, and giving you beautiful pillows that come with even more beautiful stories. Each pillow is named after someone who has Autism and comes with their unique and special story.  I’m doing this with the hope that I can raise awareness and teach everyone who stops here a little more about what Autism means. Autism has its challenges, but every individual affected is capable and deserving of achieving their own dreams. We just have to let them.” – Jordan Tingey Founder of Blue & Co.

Isn’t that amazing!? Taking her passion as an interior designer and spreading knowledge, awareness, and educating by naming each pillow after someone affected by Autism. With our purchase you receive a card with that individuals story.

One Room Challenge Master Bedroom

Blue & co helped take the elements of my master bedroom and turning it into a cohesive, custom, beautiful space. Here’s how working with Blue & Co works.

Mood Board & sources week 1
Full Room Board & Batten Tutorial week 2
Trim Shiplap Ceiling week 3
DIY Canopy Upholstered King Bed week 4

First we looked over my mood board, talked about what I wanted from the space. And what color tones I was looking to incorporate. Then I sat down and flipped through every sample. I pulled out any that spoke to me. Which if you know me includes a lot of stripes and a lot of blue.

There was one fabric among all of the fabrics that was a MUST have it and it was a leopard print that pulled blue and beige and basically all of the things that are good in this world.


When it comes to pillows it isn’t all about having each piece be a show stopper, but to have each pillow compliment one another and yet still offer variety in its texture, print, pattern, color, and size.

Styling Pillows for a King Bed

I decided on a more modern layout of pillows with includes 2 euros, a square throw, and an oversize lumbar pillow.

Figuring out the layout was important because it helped us see what fabrics would be touching and what worked and what clashed. As we found fabrics that didn’t go with the vision we simply tossed them to the side and continued on.

We played around with the layout until the fabrics were just right and I’m over the moon thrilled with what we selected. I can’t wait to get them in my space and even more excited to get their names and their stories.

Blue & Co has dozens of pillows can be purchased directly from their website, as well as the option to go into their showroom (or a video conference) for a consultation for custom pillows.
They are based in Alpine, Utah.

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