One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Design

It’s here you guys! The fall round of the One Room Challenge!

For those who are new and don’t know what the One Room Challenge is, it is basically a design forum where bloggers/DIYers/designers take one room and transform it over a 6 week span. There are amazing featured designers 20 featured designers who were hand selected and numerous guest participants. I participated in the Spring and redid my basement bathroom (click here to see it). For this challenge I will be a guest participant. Click here to see what other guest participants are up to.

I have talked about it over on instagram, but for the challenge I had a few spaces I was toying with redoing. I even did a poll and the overwhelming response came in for this space and the more I thought about it the more convinced I was as well to redo the room.

The room I have selected for the one room challenge is…. (drumroll). My master bedroom!

Why did I choose this room for the One Room Challenge?

Well, first I feel like it’s the last room anyone transforms in their own home. Usually you start with the rooms guests see or the rooms you spend the most time in. There’s so many other spaces to allot your time and dollars that the masted bedroom gets the short end of the stick.

Secondly, I repeatedly got the suggestion to do my master because I work so hard on the rest of the spaces in my home that I deserve a reward and a retreat away that feels like a dream. (I love that people said this. It really had me thinking).

Third, when we purchased our home we actually purchased the previous owners furniture so the space, while it is pretty and functional, it is not completely my style.

What does the room look like now?

It isn’t ugly. In fact. I think it’s pretty, but the beige on tan is definitely not me.

What are you going to do to the space?

Vertical floor to ceiling skinny board and batten treatment to all of the walls.

I toyed with the idea of doing a moody accent wall behind the bed, but my husband gave a HARD NO to moody in our room, so I’m going the reserve way and painting it WHITE, all white.

A faux brick fireplace. This project may or may not be part of the ORC timeline, but I think it would be an amazing statement piece for my master bedroom. But I figured I could use my new brick skills in here to create something gorgeous (check out my full tutorial on how I bricked my fireplace).

New…. all the things. Decor, furniture.

The Design

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So what do you think? I feel like it’s going to be amazing. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @honeybuilthome for the behind the scenes.

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