5 Reasons to upgrade to a Smart Switch

Here’s 5 reasons why I, and why you, should upgrade from a regular old light switch to a Legrand smart switch.

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Legrand provides all the resources for how to install these switches here.

Smart Switch Saves Money & Electricity

Remember those days as a child when your dad was stomping around the kitchen yelling, “those dang kids leaving the lights on! Our electric bill is through the roof! When you leave a room turn off the light!” No? Just me? Well let me tell you. I never thought I was going to be that parent, until, well I became a parent! So let me know you how I am not only saving money, but also saving my sanity and using my smart phone to do it all.

By using Legrand’s group settings you can turn off every light switch in your home with the click of a button or set on a timer to turn off.

I have grouped all of my children’s room’s so I can tell my Amazon Alexa to shut them all off at once as we walk out the door.


I love how easily these switches connect to my Alexa and without disrupting a game of monopoly we can turn the lights on with voice command.

Laying in bed after an exhausting day of car pool and diy projects I don’t have to get out of bed or bribe my husband to get out of bed to switch off the light and on the fan.

Faster Charging

It’s no secret that I spend a great deal of time on my phone working on instagram or creating a new content, and to be honest my I have to charge my phone 1-2x in the middle of the day to make it through. Legrand came out with not only a fast charging outlet that still allows for two plugs, but also a wireless charging station. Now my phone can charge 40% faster than just having it plugged into a normal outlet.

Control Anything & Everything

Yup, its not just about those hardwired switches and outlets that are smart, but also these easy plug in switches. These things are like gold in my house. My daughter night light lamp, on a smart plug in switch. The living room TV, on a smart plug-in switch. I now have these two items and many others programmed on a schedule where at 8pm the night light lamp turns on and the tv turns off. The tv remains off until 8am so there’s not need to wake up early for those cartoons. I love that I can set limits as a parent.

Stylish Covers

as we update and modernize our home, I’m always looking to ways to make our home look more sleek and there’s nothing sleeker than these screwless outlet covers. I’ve tried a few other brands in the past, but they never held on secure like these legrand covers.

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