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Basic Toy Closet Tutorial

You can’t ever have enough storage, right? We’ve had this space unfinished in our house for the last 6 years and finally I installed some shelving to take it from useless to fully functional! I even bought the shelving for the closet a few years ago intending to build it, but never did. Better late than never showing you this easy, beginner friendly Toy Closet.


baby nursery


Baby Nursery

Putting together a nursery, either for your own child or someone else’s, is always such a huge task. Not only is this going to be the room for a baby, but it’s going to be a tiny humans FIRST ROOM! I was honored to take on the task of putting together a beautiful space for […]




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Meet Christine Gummersall, a mother of 4, coach's wife, former Labor and Delivery nurse, and self taught DIYer who decided to take a sledge hammer to her 1950's bathroom over a decade ago and hasn't stopped tackling her honey-do list since.  Folow along as christine breaks down the pretty afters, by showing the whole how to process and empowers you to STOP waiting, and START creating a home you love, with your own two hands! 

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DIY Beginner Basics is a self-paced ONLINE COURSE that is here to help get you comforable with power tools and finishing supplies (such as paint), so you can start tackling your own honey-do list and save thousands, all while getting the satisfaction of saying, "yeah, I built that!"

DIY Beginner Basics
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