Plaid Bathroom Remodel Reveal & Budget Breakdown

It’s done! I could not be more happy and proud of how this bathroom remodel came out! The main question I got on my stories when I shared that I was re-doing this bathroom that I had just done 3 years prior was…. but WHY?! 

after bathroom remodel
after bathroom remodel

But why do a Bathroom Remodel?

So this guest bathroom was one of the first rooms I did in my house. I was still very much trying to find my style and it didn’t flow with any other room in my house. So…I changed it! 

before bathroom

But it's so pretty!

I agree! It was so pretty! I wasn’t going to share what I’m about to share because to be honest, I’m super embarrassed. But I want you to know that not every DIY goes as planned. And sometimes you have to eat your pride for the greater good. I tiled this shower as part of the One Room Challenge (you redo a whole room in 6 weeks so I felt pressured on a time crunch). It was the 6th tile I’ve tiled. And the one I’m least proud of. The walls weren’t plumb (level) when I started and I didn’t realize until it was too late.

after bathroom remodel

Learning with Ya'll

So yes… the tile was 3 years old, yes it looked brand new, and yes I teared it all out because at the time I didn’t have the heart, energy, or money to redo it then. There’s an inner battle for me being a “professional DIYer” on here and showing you how its done, and me showing you that I’m human. And I too make mistakes and I’m learning right with ya’ll.

The Before:

Here is what the bathroom remodel looked like before.

before bathroom

The After:

Here is the bathroom remodel after!

after bathroom remodel

This room on the blueprints of my home was actually part of our utility room, just a useless little hallway to nothing, but my dad who is a plumber came up and moved drains and chipped concrete for a week to get it so we could have another toilet and shower downstairs.

Tearing everything out was very frustrating but I know it was the right choice. I wanted to feel proud of this space, and want to show it off to others. Not hide it away like I did for the last 3 years.

Bathroom Remodel Budget Breakdown:

• Spacers $5.00
• tile adhesive $32.00
• Aqua defense $57.00
Cement board $30.00
• Grout float $7.00
• Notched trowel $5.00
•Joint knife $10.00
•Score and snap tile cutter $27.00
• Grout $19.00
• Easy sand 5 $8.00
•Tile $542.00
•Pencil tile $44.00
• Wet saw $66.00
• Tile tape $20.00
• Musselbound shower tape $20.00
• Musselbound $60.00 

•Wallpaper $103

•Shower Door $676
•Vanity $576
•Light $120
Faucets and Fixtures Gifted by Delta.

= $2,427.00 TOTAL bathroom remodel


Here are all of the sources of everything used in the bathroom remodel. By shopping through my site I make a small percentage through affiliate marketing. Click on the image for a direct link.

Be sure to follow along @honeybuilthome on instagram for more project, tutorials, and behind the scenes of it all. I have a highlight saved as bathroom that you can see the process of the bathroom remodel 🙂

until next time, Christine

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