Gadget Gift Guide

gadget gift guide

I just love me a gadget! They just make life as a DIYer so much easier. A gadget is a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one. Here are some of my favorite ones. 

gadget gift guide

Bosch Laser Level – you know to keep things leveled in your life lol. This model does self level and will register horizontal and vertical. Pair it with any camera tripod and you can level basically anything. 

Bosch Laser Measure – The quickest way to measure an entire room? THIS GUY! Instead of getting out the tape measurer I will use this laser measurer because it’s extremely quick and extremely accurate. 

Ratcheting Screw Driver – a great tool to have on hand for easy fastening or screw removal. Reduces hand fatigue and allows you to tighten and loosen with ease. 

Safety Glasses –  might as well be fashionable but safe, right?!

Ryobi Drill & Impact Drive Kit – a wide assortment of bits to tackle a variety of projects

Ryobi Multi tool – Cutting baseboards, drywall, needing to notch something in a tight space this multitool comes in handy in so many situations.  

Right angle drill attachment Trying to drill but the head of your drill is hitting the side and you can’t get a straight shot to your screw? That’s where this attachment comes in. Place your drill bit on one end and attach the other end to your drill and you can get in all the tight spaces with your drill. 

Universal socket – I use this ALL THE TIME when I need a ratchet.  While I have a good amount of tools finding the right size socket drives me batty.  So 99% of the time I use this universal socket and it does the trick! Plus it’s under $12 compared to the price of a whole socket set or replacement sockets. 

Kreg multi mark -The Multi-Mark is an incredibly handy multipurpose marking and measuring tool, I use it to find the center of my boards without having to remeasure a million times. 

Digital saw angle finder -Ever try and cut something on the table saw and it came out crooked despite your saw telling you it was at the right degree? Well, try a digital saw angle finder. It’s magnetic and attaches to your saw blade and as you tilt it tells you what degree it’s at! 

Miter saw angle finder – Trying to figure out what angle to cut your board at? Yeah, that can be tricky especially on odd walls. This angle finder tells you what degree the surface is and then what degree to set your saw to.  

Best ladder – $99 and you’ll never need to replace it. – never trust ladders, they’re always UP to something 😉 This is the ladder of all ladders.  My dad has had his for over 30 years. It’s an investment you’ll only. need to make once in your life and its so multifunctional you won’t need another ladder. 

Hart work table ON SALE – the perfect, portable work table. It’s priced really fair and can fold down. 

Work platform ladder 43% off – a great step ladder to move around for your projects anything you need to get up high like painting or wallpapering

I hope these make your life much more simpler as well! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and check out some more of my gift guides.

until next time, Christine

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