Your Guide to Gift Guides 2022

Here’s a one stop shop for all of the gift guides I have created for you. Happy shopping!

gift guide

Gift Guides

GIFT GUIDE FOR GAME NIGHT – all the games we love to play as a family!

GIFT GUIDE FOR GADGETS – the little things that make DIYing so much simpler!

GIFT GUIDE FOR BABIES – with baby #4 on the way, here are some of my favorite things I love!

GIFT GUIDE FOR SCHOOL AGED BOYS – some of my sons faves!

GIFT GUIDE FOR GIRLS – some of my little girls favorites!

GIFT GUIDE FOR WOMEN – all of the things I love in one spot!

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE DIYER – everything you need to get started!

GIFT GUIDE FOR PARENTS IN LAW – shopping for in laws can be hard!

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE HOMEBODY – give me all the cozy and warm things!

GIFT GUIDE FOR MEN – Lance made this list with all his favorites!

GIFT GUIDE FOR STOCKING STUFFERS – some of my faves to squeeze into those stockings.

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until next time, Christine

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