Games Gift Guide

We are a family that loves games!  I love how it brings our family closer, and we have a fun time.  Below are some of our favorite games for game night.

games gift guide


1. Card holders 7% off – perfect for kids that can’t hold their cards or a grown up who just doesn’t want to. 

2. Cover your assets – This is a fun and competitive game, but it isn’t fast paced! The goal is to have as much money in your “asset pile” by the end.  It’s great for a small family up to large groups. We like to play with 2 decks and shuffle all the cards together. Person with the most $$ at the end wins. 

3. Reign of dragoness – a strategic hand elimination card game. This has become our family favorite since we got it a few months ago.  It’s similar to Rummy, where you combine runs and sets to try and get rid of your cards the fastest.  But of course there’s a few twists.  

4. Ticket to ride first journey 25% off + additional $5.25 – super fun train adventure board game great for kids! The object is to get your trains from one train station to another first.  It’s a quick 15-20 minute game unlike the never ending Monopoly so it’s fun for parents to play a round or two with littles.  Rules are basically as the same as the regular adult version, but 1/3 of the playing time. 

5. Princess cupcake party – a fun and fast matching game for all the toddlers/little girls in your life.  Even my 8 year old daughter loves playing this game.  The object is to pick tiles (that are flipped upside down) to build your princess’s cupcake. But beware of the tiles that build the Evil Queen’s cupcake.  Build the Evil queen before your own princess and games over! 

6. Play nine 20% off – Based on concepts in the game of golf, this card game is sure to make your husband interested in family game night.  The goal is in 9 holes (rounds) to have the best golf score by matching and discarding cards.  Another fun, competitive game fun for 7+ ages and adults. 

7. Dungeons & Dragons: Lord of Waterdeep 39% off –  I know nothing about Dungeons and Dragons, but this game is critical thinking, and slow enough paced you can enjoy a movie/sports game while playing. The rules are lengthy, but once you get it the concept of the game is easy. Bennett who is 9 picked up on it really quickly. 

8. Wits and wagers Vegas edition 32% off + additional $5.62 off – trivia family board game Vegas edition!! This game is also super fun for a big family. You can play in teams. Each of the trivia questions has an answer thats a number.  Everyone writes their best guess and then you bid on which one you think is right Craps style.  Even little kids can play because they can guess any number. Super fun for adults and big groups. 

9. Logo party 8% off – This game is also a hit with a large group. Think of all the brand logos you know and you are sure to dominate.  Split into two teams and battle.  We’ve played this a ton with the basketball team and it gets loud and exciting! 

Tis’ the season for SALES! I hope you enjoy these games that are on sale and follow along on Instagram where I share all about DIY and have more gift guides on the blog.

until next time, Christine

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