Baby Announcement #4

We're having another baby!

I’m just as surprised as you are! We had our kids all super close together. After almost 2 years of infertility our son was born, 13 months later our daughter joined us.  It was a CRAZY time with our almost Irish twins, and 2 1/2 years after that our sweet 3rd baby, a girl, joined our family.  We had always planned for 4, but with a high risk and complicated 3rd pregnancy and delivery we decided our family was complete.  

After years and years of being “done” we had the strong impression that there MAYBE might be one more.  Here we are, with baby 4 on the way!

With each pregnancy I’ve have high blood pressure. It’s gotten progressively worse each pregnancy with the last one resulting in Pre-eclampsia.  You can read more about pre-eclampsia and my experience here. 

Surviving the 1st Trimester

It’s no secret that the first trimester is rough for a lot of reasons – you haven’t yet told people that you’re pregnant so you feel like you can’t talk about your symptoms.

Nausea, morning sickness, headaches, extreme fatigue are all present at one time or another. Here’s what I’ve used to survive these last 3 months. 

BioLyte IV in a bottle – this is like gatorade on steroids. Tons of electrolytes + B vitamins. It does have a salty taste (so far Citrus is my favorite) but it helps a lot with headaches, fatigue, and nausea! 

Pregnancy Flakes – These are episom bath salts with magnesium and help soothe everything. 

Magnesium – For helping get some good, deep sleep I’ve been taking magnesium for almost 9 months 200-400mg at night before bed.  The days that I have gotten an afternoon headache I take my 200mg early and it’s helped resolve my headaches! 

Ice headache hat – this thing is what dreams are made of. Stick it in your freezer and wear it anytime you have a headache coming on. 

Protein with your snacks and often.

Bedside crackers. Eat a few before getting out of bed in the morning can help subside nausea. 



We are so excited to add this little baby to our family! 

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