How To Paint A Crisp Line

Painting a straight, even, and crisp paint line isn’t always easy! Let me share with you my easiest technique and a few other options as well. 

How to: Paint a Crisp Line

Easiest technique. Use frog tape press firmly to your wall. Apply the under color over the tape. This seals the tape and doesn’t allow for the next paint color to sneak under the tape.

Next Step to Clear Crisp Paint Lines

Let that dry and apply your second color over top. Apply all coats then PULL your tape when the LAST coat is WET! This. Is. Crucial. (Best way to pull is at a 45 degree angle).

A Few Other Options

If you don’t have the existing wall color here’s a few other options.
1. Tape a damp rag and wildly wet the frog tape. This activates the glue to help seal it.
2. Use a clear polyurethane (preferably in the same sheen) to coat the tape before adding the second color.
3. Mod Podge
4. Clear paint

game chairs bunkroom

I recently did this boys basketball bunkroom for 2 brothers. Be sure to follow along @honeybuilthome on instagram for more project, tutorials, and behind the scenes of it all.

until next time, Christine

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