Top 10 Must Have Nursery Items in 2023 by a Labor and Delivery Nurse

There’s no shortage of baby products on the market these days. So many brands, so many new techy products. As a mom and former Labor and Delivery nurse I’ve tested lots of products and read hundreds of reviews.  So let’s break down what is on my own nursery list for our baby #4 and what should be included on yours. 

1. A Rocking Chair/Glider for the Nursery

You don’t have to go with the Mercedes Benz of Gliders/Rocking Chairs, but it is a MUST to have some chair in your nursery.  For our first 3 babies we have this standard glider and ottoman that I bought for $40 off Facebook Marketplace.  It did the job, but one thing I wish it had a was a wing back so I had somewhere to rest my very tired head during those late night feedings.   So this go around I upgraded to the Namesake Harbour Electric Recliner.  It comes with a USB so I have easily accessible phone charger, the wing back to rest my head, and power recliner so easy the adjustment from feet up to feet down without a big jolt for baby. 


Another option at a lower price point the Babyletto Swivel Glider.  This is a glider + ottoman vs just a recliner, but still has the wingback to rest your head on and 1/2 the price of the Power recliner.  Linked here is the most basic Storkcraft Glider model that I used with my first 3 kids.  Under $200 and will last you a long time!

2. Breathable Newton Baby Mattress for Nursery

The first baby product I got for our 4th baby’s nursery was the Newton baby crib mattress.  This mattress’s  innovative Breathe-Thru technology allowing babies to literally breathe right through, significantly reducing the risk of suffocation.

1) Reduces risk of suffocation

2) Keeps your baby from overheating & eliminates sweaty backs keeping your baby cooler, more comfortable, and sleeping longer.

3) Stops the accumulation of moisture, inhibiting mold growth

$50 off your Newton Crib mattress plus free shipping by tapping my link and using my code HONEYBUILT at checkout!  You can also try 100 nights of sleep on Newton Baby and if you’re not happy, Newton offers FREE returns. PS- To get the discount, you must enter your email immediately when you see the homepage pop-up


3. Zipper Swaddle for Baby Nursery

I’ve tried almost every swaddle on the market and there’s no comparison to the price point and functionality of the Love to Dream swaddle.  I’ve used it for all of my kids as well as gifted it at countless baby showers because it’s just… THAT GOOD.  

The zipper goes two ways + there’s a little peekaboo window in the back so you can check a diaper without unswaddling baby.  The hands unzip which makes this great for babies who are transitioning to rolling.  It’s light weight, stretchy, and compact enough to toss into your diaper bag for naps on the go.  


4. Baby Breeza - bottle feeding moms

If you are a bottle feeding mom like I am, the Baby Breeza is probably the #1 most exciting addition to our nursery to help ease feeding times for my husband and I. Basically its a Kurieg for baby formula.  It mixes the water and formula while heating the water.   When our babies were newborns we actually kept all of our bottle making supplies right there in the nursery. Formula canister, bottles prefilled with water, and would dump in the formula and mix the bottle (here’s the bottles we plan to use with baby #4, we love the size, shape, and limited parts that have to be cleaned!).  without having to go all the way to the kitchen. The Baby Breeza is going to make this a breeze for us. With the touch of a button the bottle will be mixed up while we tend to baby to the perfect temperature. 


5. White Noise Machine

From newborn through probably age 3-4 when our kids transition out of naps we have a white noise machine going anytime they are asleep.  It helps keep them asleep longer, they aren’t disturbed by pets barking or the doorbell ringing.  We take this Frida portable sound machine when we are on day trips or weekend trips. For the home we have the Hatch which is a nightlight and sound machine combo.  



6. Owlet Sock + Monitor

A video monitor gives you such piece of mind when you have your baby sleeping in a different room.  The owlet baby monitor takes monitoring to the next level.  Combining both video and pulse oximeter monitoring you can view from your smart phone, it’s a no brainer.  The foot sock straps onto your baby’s foot and reads their oxygen saturation and heart rate.  It’s the same technology they use in the hospital to monitor a baby’s oxygenation and heart rate, but this version is cordless.  We’ve had just a few “scares” where it registers as low and baby has just kicked off the sensor.  The monitor also reads the rooms temperature and sends you notifications when baby is awake (in case you don’t have the app pulled up on your phone). 


7. Frida

The entire Frida line has incredible baby products that make caring for your baby easier.  The ultimate go to is definitely their nose sucker.  Use a few drops of saline in their nose to help loosen up the mucus then suck it out to help clear out that congestion.  Just be careful to not overuse it because it can cause inflammation in their little noses and actually make it more constricting.  General rule of thumb is it’s ok to use it once a feeding (3-5 hours). 


8. Swaddle Blankets

Babies make a mess of everything so we are always constantly washing blankets.  In addition to the zip swaddle we use these Copper Pearl Swaddles and Adan and Anais swaddles.  They are soft, breathable, stretchy, and wrap up around baby with such ease.  


9. Boppy Nursing Pillow

Tried and true! We’ve used the Boppy pillow for all of our babies and will use it again with our 4th.  It is a multipurpose pillow.  Place it around your lap to get baby into a nice and comfortable nursing position, or use it in your lap to help prop baby while you are bottle feeding.  This pillow also helps your “big helpers” hold their new sibling by supporting their arms.  We also use the pillow as baby turns 6-12 months and can hold their own bottle for feedings.  It can also be used to help support to chest for tummy time.  


10. Muslin Burp Cloths

There are LOTS of burb cloths on the market that are just… well, not very absorbent.  We keep coming back to muslin burp cloths because there are multiple layers, they soak up all messes with ease, and are a great size to have over your shoulder as well as toss into a diaper bag.  

You won’t be disappointed that you skipped on the other styles of burp cloths and went straight to these. Promise. 



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until next time, Christine

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