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March Top Taps

Below are the top requested links from March. From my Go-To Beauty products, to the Mattress in our guest room, I’m linked it all! Be sure to follow on Instagram to see more awesome products and DIYs!

As seen on Instagram during our Cruise Saga– Not only is it comfortable AND cute, but the coverage is awesome! Not that I expect anything less from Aerie! This was one of the top requested links for March!

This is the highly requested chair used in the DIY Dreambox Craft Closet. Instead of paying $30 more for the black chair with a gold base, I opted to use Rust-Oleum Pure Gold Spray Paint. It ended up looking great and saved me $25.

Forever and ever the only brush I use. From cutting in, to painting furniture. This baby does it all!

Before our flight home, I bought some WIRED headphones for the flight so I could watch TV. Joke was on me because WIRELESS headphones came out. Our neighbor happened to be o our same flight and as I realized there was no wire while we were boarding, he handing me this! It plugs into the audio jack of any device (airplane, iPad, tablet, etc.) and bluetooth syncs to your WIRELESS headphones. Best part? One device can sync to TWO different headphones at one time.

The best phone case that has a loop strap so you don’t drop it and also makes it more comfortable to hold your phone. + it has a wallet!! At first, it holds 1-2 cards. Mine now holds 4 cards.

Adds grit and volume to hair. Can use before or after styling–I prefer to spray it up towards my roots after to give my hair lift. It offers a light hold but I can run my hands through my hair still and it’s not sticky.

This is one of the most requested links from this month. I’m very happy with how my basement flooring turned out, and I love hearing that you guys agree! To see how I installed the flooring myself, check out this blog post

Eating healthy and at home, has never been easier! With Quickfresh meals, I’ve been eating SO much better–to the point my doctor even pointed out changes in my overall health. If you’re looking for a good mean option, Quickfresh is the way to go!

I’m so excited that we are FINALLY releasing the plans for the DIY Outdoor Kitchen plans!! March is a perfect time to get everything ready for summer BBQ parities. Click the link to head over to our shop and start building your own outdoor kitchen!

The Twinkle Mattress is a new company based in Utah with their products made in the USA. Designed by Chiropractors and Spine specialists, this bed gives the perfect support no matter how you sleep.

Savvy Reading is an online, 25 minute, live reading class that is 4 days a week with an experienced teacher. Using a reasearch-based approach to Phonemic Awareness, engaging games, and enjoyable passages, your child will WANT to attend! Thousands of reviews attest to the fact that reading skills, comprehension abilities, and willingness to participate, all increased. This is NOT just another junk reading program!

These shoes are quickly becoming a favorite. They’re comfortable, cute, good arch support, and stretchy on the bunion area. I currently have the Mila and Pointe

When I showed my Sister-in-Laws craft room, these caused quite the stir up. From where they were purchased, to how they were mounted to the wall, you wanted to know it all! These Hobby Lobby containers were mounted to the wall using screws, and wow. They turned out awesome!!

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