3 Money Saving Tips to for New Homeowners

This post is sponsored by American Home Shield, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Home ownership is an exciting moment for every first time home buyer. Finally a place you can call home, you are able to decorate, DIY, and make it a place you love. Here at Honey Built Home, that is my goal. To teach you how to transform your home room by room into a place you love through DIY, Design, and expert advice. Here are a few DIY hacks to help you maintain your home that require very minimal DIY experience and tools. For REAL costs of home repairs on major appliances, plumbing, HVAC, and more click here

Tip 1: Repair Those Loose Cabinet Doors

Cabinets falling off their hinges or loose hinges can be a nuisance and lead to damage of the cabinet doors themselves which are pricey to replace. Here’s how you can make them good as new again.

Philips screw driver
Wooden Toothpicks (A wooden dowel or golf tees also work well)
Wood Glue.

Step 1: Remove the hinge from the cabinet box

Step 2: Apply a dab of wood glue to the screw hole

Step 3: Insert as many toothpicks as you can into the hole snapping them off flush.

Step 4: Reattach hinge with screws. The added wood from the toothpick now gives the screw something to grab onto.

If needed you can also get a little bit longer of screw (1/4” longer) for added security. This tip also works on interior doors!

Tip 2 : How to Unclog Your Garbage Disposal


A garbage disposal can be such a blessing to have, but when it starts malfunctioning it can be extremely frustrating. But most of the time it’s a really easy, quick fix to unclog the disposal.

Step 1: Empty your kitchen cabinet to reveal just the garbage disposal. Some builders or previous home owners will tape a large Allen wrench to the disposal or place it in the cabinet. Look for this tool pictured below, if not here’s a link to the tool you need.

Step 2: Place the Allen wrench in the bottom of the garbage disposal and rotate around counter clockwise. Rotate around several times.

Step 3: Test out the garbage disposal and see if it is functioning correctly. Never place your hand inside the garbage disposal without unplugging from its power source.

Tip 3: Cover the Unexpected

Regardless if your home is a new build or a previously owned home, major appliances or systems such as your heating/cooling have the potential to break down. None of these issues I would deem as DIY fixable and would recommend calling a professional. If you don’t know of a handy man, no worries! That is the beauty of a home warranty from a company like American Home Shield.
By investing in a home warranty, you have someone you can immediately call to fix these issues as well as save potentially thousands of dollars. For as low as $40 a month, you don’t have to worry about finding a qualified contractor, because AHS does it for you. For a deeper dive on the cost comparison of having a home warranty out of pocket vs. no home warranty repair costs click here.

Hopefully these tips and tricks were helpful! Be sure to follow along in IG stories on instagram @honeybuilthome.

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