5 Ways to Refresh your Living Room On a Budget

Embarking on these living room builtins (full tutorial on building the benches here) and making the space feel a little more cohesive and clean took a lot of planning and building materials are not cheap!  So I’m thrilled that I was able to manage my budget with the help of Jane. 

First, if you haven’t heard of Jane.com you need to LISTEN UP.  Jane.com works with small businesses.  Every day, they list 350+ NEW offers from stylish brands and boutiques!  They have items from clothing to shoes to home decor and more.  The deals only last for a few days so if you love it be sure to snag it!

I am a very intentional person when it comes to decorating my home. I want each and every piece that enters my home to be something that I love and that brings me joy. That is one of the best parts of shopping with Jane is each day there are new items being posted and if they spark that joy, I snag them and at their low prices there’s zero guilt in adding that new artwork to my home.

I have some tips and tricks that are such to make a huge impact in your space and on a tight budget. With a budget of $200 I was able to transform my room with the help of Jane. (This post is sponsored by Jane but all opinions are 100% my own).

5 Ways to Refresh your Living Room On a Budget

  1. Throw pillows- There is nothing that transforms a living room on a budget faster than changing up the color palate with some throw pillows or a throw blanket.  You don’t need to buy ALL NEW pillows, but find pillow COVERS.  It’s so much easier to store a bunch of pillow covers than hog up an entire closet with actual throw pillows.  These Pom Pom checkered pillows and leather pillows are from jane.com

Full tutorial on how to install thin brick veneer like this fireplace here.

Every day Jane posts new pillow covers.  Some are themed to the season, others are more neutral, but I’m confident that regardless of your style you’d be able to find some that fit your need. 

2. New lighting. Sometimes lighting can be a little pricey, but there’s always a way to add a table lamp or floor accent lamp. To the eye adding a light completes the space.

3. Customized wall decor. There’s nothing that makes a space feel more like home then adding a custom drawing that is sentimental and beautiful. We had this custom family portrait sketch to match one of our family pictures. Sweet as Honey Studios even included Harper’s little top knot. Seriously obsessed with it and will treasure it forever.

4. Accent Furniture. Purchasing a new couch is definitely something that needs to be saved up for and is a big ticket item, but coffee tables, end tables, and accent furniture can be swapped out and at Jane’s prices that can be done.

5. Rearrange your room. Move an end table here, a sofa 90 degrees and you’ve got a completely different look for no cost.

Click on Image below to Shop Jane.com

Having the builtins up makes makes the space feel clean, and decluttered. Adding in my picks from Jane turns the space from a house into a cozy home. That, my friends, is the power of home decor. 

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

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