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Creating chore zones for your kids. I stumbled upon this idea from a blogger Tara Thueson when my kids were toddlers.  I kind of strayed away from it over the last year or so trying to have my older children do a little bit more difficult of chores, but to be honest, it is the most efficient and effective way to delegate chores out that the kids also view as fair.

My biggest pet peeve in supervising my kids doing chores is the constant blame “that this is my brothers,” “this is my sisters,” “that isn’t mine.” and the end result is back talking and the room stays messy.

By implementing zones you are able to completely get rid of that because if it is in your zone YOU become responsible for putting it back where it goes even if it isn’t yours . The side products of this is you open your kids eyes to feeling empathy for one another.  They begin to realize how it feels to have a mess in their zone, and eventually become tidier and clean up after themselves!

The other reason I love the concept of ZONE CHORES is because it teaches your kids how to clean all areas of the home without it feeling daunting.  Some weeks you as mom will have to supervise them a little bit more because we all have “that kid” who isn’t as detail oriented as the other, but in the end I think it’s worth it so here’s how it works.

How it works

1.  Designate your zones.   I have 3 chore capable kids ranging from 6-9 years old so I have 3 zones that will rotate.

2. Create a checklist of tasks that need to get done in the zone for you to feel like it was properly cleaned.  Kids struggle at understanding where to start when you say something as vague as “clean your room,”  but if they have a specific task such as “make your bed and tidy your pillows” they can execute that without frustration and get the satisfaction of checking it off their list!

— I like to laminate mine so they can use wet or dry erase markers and they can get wet and not ruined!  Here’s my go to laminator and markers.

3. Set up your MUST DO list.  These are the other tasks that each kid HAS to do each week.  These tasks don’t rotate.  Usually their bedroom is included in this.

4. Make it fun! Turn on music.  Set a timer so they can visually see how much time it actually takes (even have them race the timer).  Schedule it the same time each week.  Consistency is HUGE for kids. For us it is Saturday morning when mom wakes up (not when the kids wake up because hello, mom is still sleeping and we don’t wake a sleeping mom).  Screens are put away and no playdates until the chores are done.

5. Figure out who gets what zone and the rotation.  We did something as simple as holding 2 spoons and a fork in my hand and I had the kids draw.  Whoever got the fork got to pick their zone first.   You could use short sticks or papers in a cup or popsicle sticks with zone numbers on it.

6. Set a time each day for them to check on their zones.  Do what works best for your family.  If that’s in the morning before school or the 20 minutes before bed.  Make it a daily habit to have their zone checked off and tidy. (of course they don’t have to vacuum EVERYDAY, but their zone should be tidy!).

Our Chore Zones




Organize & Clean Locker
Put Away Shoes
Empty Backpack
Brush Teeth & Hair
Read 20 minutes (after chores)
Homework Finish (after chores)

Clean Bedroom:


Throw away trash
Clean off Nightstand/Dresser
Put away clothes
Put away toys
Make Bed / Fix pillows
Bring Dirty Clothes Upstairs

Zone 1: Kitchen & Living Room

Put away things that don’t belong
Vacuum couches & under couches
Vacuum floor
Fold Blankets
Fluff couch & pillows
Vacuum Stairs & fluff stair pillows
Unload Dishes
Wipe Dining Table & Counters

Zone 2: Basement & Basement Kitchen

Put away things that don’t belong
Fold Blankets
Fluff couch & pillows
Vacuum floor
Wipe Down Counters
Empty Sink and Wipe down sink
Start Dishwasher/ Put Away Dishes
Empty Trash
Pick up hallway

Zone 3: Bathroom & Car


Wipe down counters, sink & cabinets
Clean Mirrors
Wipe down faucet
Clean toilet inside & out
Straighten or replace towels
Empty & replace garbage
Replace TP and soap, if needed


Empty & put away things that don’t belong
Empty garbage sacks and replace
Throw away trash
Wipe down seats & cupholders
Vacuum Floors (at carwash)

Age Appropriate Chores

I struggled for a long time with knowing what my kids were “capable” of doing, and truthfully, I think they are much more capable than we give them credit for.

At even age 2-3 years old they can help with chores! Kids love to do what grownups are doing so if thats sorting the kids plates and bowls and silverware or putting the pillows back on the couch that can be their contribution!  Get a light handheld vacuum so they can clean.  Hand them a microfiber cloth and let them wipe the table down or counters!

By age 5 or 6 they should be able to do all the household chores you need done (with maybe the exception of picking up heavy things).  Don’t be afraid to give them a chore and help them with it for the first few times! Let’s strive to raise capable kids!

Feel free to DM me over on Instagram @honeybuilthome more ideas or other useful tips you want shared!

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