Refresh Your Ugly Grout

Do you have a bathroom floor, or shower floor with a grout color that you don’t like? You can freshen it up with a grout pen! It’s so easy too!

Grout Pen

grout pen

I love those projects that are simple, cost effective, and fast fixes with big results! When I posted in my stories that I was changing the color to the grout, the messages coming in were half for it, half not for it. And that’s ok… we all have different opinions. I think it came out so good though!

Total transparency… this is my first time using the pen and I’ve heard it doesn’t hold up super well on high touch surfaces (testing the theory here). BUT there’s a few other products I have used on floors and in showers that I KNOW hold up. 

Polyblend  Renew. Paint it on with a toothbrush.

Mapei Refresh.

Applying the Grout Pen

Applying the pen is super easy! It took me about an hour to finish my shower. 

It takes you back to preschool days and you get to color in the lines. You just take the pen and color the grout lines. 

How Do You Seal It?


You would seal the grout like you would if it was freshly installed. You can use any grout sealer from the store. I personally like the ones that come in a spray bottle. Spray it on, wipe it off the tiles. 

Mistake or Don't Like the Color?

grout pens

Made a mistake? Use a baby wipe or magic eraser to get mistakes off of tile. 

Hate the color you picked? You aren’t permanently committed. Just pick another color pen and go to town over top!

Check out my blog post on the reveal of this bathroom. Follow me on IG @honeybuilthome !

until next time, Christine

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