Porch Swing Round Up

I love a good porch swing. There’s nothing more relaxing than slowly swaying while watching your husband and son hit some baseballs in the yard as the sun is setting.

Here’s a round up of all the swings that have me swooning ūüėČ

(Don’t forget to scroll to the end to see my favorite swing!)

  1. Backyard Discovery Farmhouse Swing ($99 in store at Sams Club, limited quantities. These are the swings pictured above on my front porch).

2. Breezy Acres Malvern Porch Swing Bed $599

3. Belham Living Bali Swing $299

4. Havenside Home Ormond Hardwood Hanging Porch Swing

5. Cane Patio Swing $699

6. Coral Coast Pleasant Bay 4 ft. White Curved Back Swing $105

7. Jack Post Classic Porch 5 ft. $63

8. Belham Living Brighton Deep Seating 65 in.  Swing Bed $344

9. Belham Living Bigsby Resin Wicker  Swing $176

10. THE DIY VERSIONS: FREE PLANS – I’ve gotta include some DIY plans… right?

Jay Customized Creations Porch Swing $50 made with 8 2×4’s

Ana White’s Porch Bench

I love this simple plan for a porch swing. I built this at our last home and painted it white and it was so large and accommodated 3 Adults with some wiggle room for kids. Word of warning, it is STURDY and by sturdy I mean heavy!

Shanty to Chic $40 Farmhouse Swing

I love this one most because it’s simple, had the touch of detail with the angled back and for only $40 in lumber its a steal to build!

Happy Spring!

Check out how I decorated for Christmas on the front porch. 


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