One Day Kitchen Glam Up

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A few months ago my mom had a huge life change.  She moved from her home of 20+ years into a smaller, home as she enters the retirement phase of life.  She was excited to have a new home that doesn’t require as much maintenance as her 1970’s house did.  The moving process was hard.  Cleaning out 20 years worth of stuff to downsize and only take the necessities took months. Now that she is settled in her new home I wanted to do something special in the kitchen for her.

kitchen glam up

Kitchen Appliances

The new Drew Berrymore appliances exclusively sold at Walmart just came out with a few new color options.  I decided to surprise her by flying to California and upgrading her 20 year old kitchen appliances with these new beautiful slate grey-blue appliances.  

kitchen coffee maker

Everyone needs functional yet aesthetically pleasing to the eyes appliances. These take her kitchen to a whole new level.  Am I my mothers daughter or what? Look at the color of her cabinets! Check out my kitchen blog post  and my laundry room to see how alike we are.

kitchen appliances

20 year Old Pots and Pans

My mom’s pots and pans were 20+ years old! One of the pots was even missing a handle! Talk about needing an upgrade. She said she enjoyed her pots and pans so much but definitely needed new ones. Ahh, can you imagine the meals that were cooked in them? But can you imagine the ones that will be cooked in the new ones. She said she couldn’t wait to make ox tail! 

Even though this was a smaller project and not full of DIY’s it was one of the most meaningful experiences to be able to give back to my mom who has always sacrificed so much for me. 

kitchen mom

She LOVES her new kitchen appliances. Not only are they beautiful and worthy to sit on a countertop to be displayed but they are quality pieces that are bound to last her the next 20+ years.

until next time, Christine

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