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The staple gathering room of a home is traditionally your living room or family room. It’s the space where memories are made, games are played (and watched), and for my family is the room we are in 98% of the time. So when I’m scrolling through Pinterest or instagram and I see these beautiful designer spaces I am jealous of how picture perfect they are, but at the same time completely aware that a space like “that” wouldn’t work for my young family. So today I’m going to give you 6 tips to get that designer look, on a budget, that is also a VERY livable space.

Tip 1 | Create a Mood Board

I get asked all the time what software I use to create a mood board and I’m about to blow your mind because I don’t use any fancy or expensive software to get my beautiful mood boards. I use a Mac computer and use Pages (which is mac’s version of a word document).

How to Mood Board on MacBook: Pages

1 | Save image from any website, by right clicking then drag and drop the image into MacBook pages.

2 | Click on image. then FORMAT > Image > Instant Alpha

3 | Select the white background (or whatever part of the image you want erased)

4 | Whatever gets highlighted in blue will be deleted one you let go of your mouse or trackpad.

5 | Select DONE when you are finished! Rearrange your items to create a cohesive design!

Tip 2 | Staple Furniture Pieces

It’s important to not only have quality couches in your living room, but for them to be budget friendly. We went the route of getting a custom built, very expensive sectional couch last year only to be very disappointed with the overall quality. The cushions became easily disheveled looking, the fabric was constantly pilling, and the manufacturer took no responsibility for producing a subpar piece of furniture. This was a major life lesson that just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean its quality. We went back to our go-to furniture store, RC Willey, where we’ve purchased numerous pieces before, and were able to find the perfect couches, yes 2 of them, at less than 1/3 of the cost we paid for the custom sectional. Everything we’ve ever purchased from RC Willey has been great quality at a very reasonable price.

Sofa: Piccolo Sofa & Coffee table: Mist Ash Coffee Table


Tip 3 | Know what most important to you

Walking into a large showroom with a wide variety of styles: traditional, modern, farmhouse, transitional, etc it can become overwhelming to know where to start. For me, my most important components to a sofa were:

2. It’s comfortable
3. The style fits my home

For others it might be pet friendly, the color of the fabric, easy to clean, size, reclines. Be sure to state right off the bat what is most important to you in a sofa, and an associate can really help narrow down things.

Tip 4 | Understand your layout options

We went with a less common living room layout. We wanted to focus a little less on everything facing the TV and a little more conversation oriented. Frequently have a lot of people over, so we needed to be able to sit A LOT of people. Traditionally a space might fit a sofa and love seat. But we opted to do two parallel sofas with two head upholstered chairs (that recline). Basically the best of both worlds. A lot of seating options. Good for conversation. Great for comfortably watching Sunday Football.

Tip 5 | Tape it out

Once I had a good idea as to what pieces I was going to put in the room I got out the blue tape and began taping out the dimensions right onto my floor. I’m telling you. It helps so much to be able to actually see the layout options IN YOUR HOUSE before ordering furniture.

Tip 6 | Accessorize it out

Probably the most important tip that has the biggest impact is selecting items to fill the space that compliment the tones, textures, colors, and feel you want the space to exemplify. For me I want natural, comfortable, livable, and beauty all at the same time. Durable quality pillows, woven baskets and trays, an area rug with texture and softness.

Gather all the components together and you have an inviting, budget friendly, space that guests WANT to sit in, and your family is excited to enjoy!

For more tips and tricks and behind the scenes be sure to follow me on instagram @honeybuilthome

Sofa: Piccolo Sofa
Coffee table: Mist Ash Coffee Table
Throw Pillows: Blue & Co
Area Rug: Loloi Rug Oatmeal & Ivory 9×12
Throw Blanket: Berry Chunky Knit
Poufs: Darien Pouf
Bar Stools: Connor Stool
Brick Backsplash: Source & install instructions here
Floating Shelf Tutorial: here
Ikea Builtin Bench Tutorial: Here


xo- Christine | Honey Built Home

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