Labor Day Sale Round-up

My favorite Labor Day Sale deals and steals you don’t want to miss.

  1. Lighting. I love how selecting a unique fixture can completely transform the esthetic and feel of a space. World Market has so many amazing choices when it comes to lighting. Some modern while others give off a more classic or even bohemian feel.
  2. Rugs. A good deal on a rug is a MUST since they are typically hundreds to thousands of dollars. With rugs as low as some of the ones linked here, you will feel less guilty buying a few and swapping them out depending on your mood or season.
    PS. have you heard my trick to place an OUTDOOR rug under your dining room table? It’s a total game changer when you have pets or little kids who spill CONSTANTLY. Just take the rug outside and hose it down or spot treat it and its as good as new.

Shop my living room style here or all the shelf styling pieces here

More Labor Day Sale

3. Nightstands that are currently giving me all the heart eyes. I am loving wood tones mixed with metals and of course a little mid century modern flare.
4. Dining room chairs that are stylish but aren’t going to be break the bank.

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