How to Plan your IKEA Pax Closet

IKEA pax closet

Finding a good closet system is a tricky feat. Some of the custom closet systems cost more than a nice Mercedes, so lets break down how YOU can achieve the luxuries of a custom closet, without the price tag! Enter: IKEA Pax. We were blessed to move into a home that already had IKEA Pax installed in the master closet, and it’s ruined me for life you guys. I waited a solid 3 1/2 years to do my kids closets with IKEA Pax because there just isn’t anything else like it in terms of the customization and bells and whistles. Now let me show you how to get your very own Pax Closet.


Measure it out

Measure your closet and plug it into the IKEA Pax Closet Calculator. This handy website allows you to drag and drop the Pax units and all of their accessories into your virtual closet. You can trial and error out different sizes, configurations, and even generate a shopping list of everything you need. Linked here is my favorite laser level that will help simplify the entire process. 

A 2021, everything is out of stock hack, have 2 windows open on your computer and search for in stock sizes, and drag and drop those units into your virtual closet. There’s nothing worse than mapping out your dream closet only to find 70% of it is out of stock.

Another tip is to take your shopping list SKU’s into the warehouse section of IKEA and have the guest services order the products for you. They should be able to tell you if/when a new shipment is coming in. Alternatives to your products that are in stock (a grey clothing rod can easily be spray painted). If you have a distribution center nearby the items that appear out of stock in your store may just be an hour away and easily picked up from the distribution center or delivered. (Hello my SLC friends. We have one out by the Salt Lake City Airport).

Pax Heights and Depths

There are 2 different size depths of Pax, a 14″ and a 22″. The 22″ is meant to house hanging clothes. The 14″ would have the hangars hanging out of its “box”, so its traditionally used for shelves, shoe storage, or shallow drawers. Both systems use the KOMPLEMENT accessories.

Each of the Pax comes in 79″ and 92″. 79″ is great for 8′ ceilings. 92″ is great for 9′ or taller ceilings.

The last option is going to be the width of each box unit. They come in 19″, 29″, and 39″ and in 3 colors: White, black-brown, and Grey.

1: Pick your color
2: Pick your height
3: Pick your depth (you can mix and match)
4: Pick your width (definitely mix and match here)

Below is the exact layout for my 7 year old’s closet with a full product list. This is more than enough storage for any child’s closet. The larger 39″ box will house her shirts and jackets on the hanging rod. The 3 drawers will be for underwear & socks, pants, and pajamas. The upper drawer is just temporary and will house extra bedding and pillows (once she is tall enough we will move the upper drawer down to the 3 drawers). The 19″ narrow box houses all of her long dresses, 2 shelves up top for seasonal items, and a pullout shoe rack. Total cost $485.

Shopping list for Bunk Room Closet

(3) KOMPLEMENT  drawer, white  29 1/2×22 7/8 ”  
(4) KOMPLEMENT   Shelf, white      19 5/8×22 7/8 “
(1) KOMPLEMENT Clothes Rail, white 19 5/8 “
(1)  KOMPLEMENTClothes Rail, white.    29 1/2 “
(10) KOMPLEMENT Shelf, white  19 5/8×13 3/4 “
(2) PAX Wardrobe Frame, white 19 5/8×13 3/4×79 1/8 “
(1) PAX Wardrobe Frame, white 19 5/8×22 7/8×92 7/8 “
(1) PAX Wardrobe Frame, white 29 1/2×22 7/8×79 1/8


There are hundreds, literally, hundreds of Komplement accessories that fit within the Pax units, but these accessories are easily dwindled down by the box sizes you selected in steps 1-4. This is where I would highly recommend playing and plugging into the virtual planner. But here are some of my favorites that you should DEFINITELY have on your list.


There are a few versions including a glass front, but I stick with the traditional Komplement Drawer
19″ x22″ Drawers for socks, underwear, sports bras, bras, swimsuits aka the small stuff
39″ x22″ Drawers for easily folded clothes aka t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, pajamas, workout clothes.

Mesh Drawers

Komplement Mesh Drawers are great for ventilation of kids shoes, or you could use them for clothes for a more industrial looking closet.

Pant Hanger

They’ve changed the Komplement Pant Hanger to make it more streamlined, but this is a great storage solution for dress pants as well as jeans. Ladies, you can even hang 2 or 3 pairs of pants on one rod.

Pull out Tray

Now I can’t knock the pull out shoe storage because I don’t own it, but from the looks the product uses a lot of vertical height which means.. you can’t fit as many shoes #problem. So we utilize these pullout trays with a bumper to elevate the heels of the shoes so they don’t touch.


Traditional Komplement shelves are great for separating your bottom drawers from your hanging clothing. Also great for utilizing the upper 1′ of your Pax system (hats, purses, hidden Christmas presents) and at $5-15 they are very reasonably priced.


You can’t forget about rods! Depending on the layout of your box you might be able to double stack two rows of hanging clothes.

and that’s basically it! I am one that likes to see the boxes and some drawers in the space and figure out what other accessories I need to utilize my space, and then I go back and buy more. Hopefully these tips were helpful! Happy IKEA shopping and be sure to follow along on instagram @honeybuilthome for all things DIY.

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2 years ago

Thank you for this! I’m excited to do a pax system in my closets!

Kerry Giesler
Kerry Giesler
2 years ago

What do you recommend for corners?

Arabel Espinal
Arabel Espinal
2 years ago

Thank you, I can’t wait to start my closet ❤️

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