Holiday Dining Room

holiday dining room
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This post is sponsored by The Home Depot, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. Purchases made through affiliate links give a small percentage commission to Honey Built Home at no extra cost to you.

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Christmas is coming fast, so I have partnered with The Home Depot to get our dining room in the holiday spirit and ready to serve the Christmas Eve spread! Here’s how you can make update and decorate your dining space that will surely impress your guests!

Did you know The Home Depot carries hundreds of decor items, linens, bathroom, bedroom, and whole home accessories & seasonal decor that ship straight to your door with FREE SHIPPING on orders great than $45! From the comfort of my couch I was able to purchase every item I needed for this dining room update and you can too!

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For years I’ve been wanting to have a Lazy Susan for our dining table. We have a BIG 70″ DIY dining table which is great because it seats 8-10 people, but also a struggle because reaching the food is… far. So I found these round boards that come in a variety of sizes.  I got a 36″, but your table might only need an 18-24″ lazy Susan.  I used my special combination of Varathane White Wash + Varathane Flagstone to turn the pine round board into a faux white oak.  I’ve used a few different stain combinations in the past to get the white oak look. The top stain color is going to depend on the wood species (every wood species has different undertones that changes the final color. My go to’s are provincial, special walnut, and flagstone). The process is simple and can be found in my instagram highlights here.  Sand and stain the round board, pretrial screw holes, and attach the turntable (similar one here). 

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I originally built my 70″ dining room table to accommodate 8-10 chairs.  Building such a large table has made my home the gathering place for both of our families.    There are so many stylish and affordable chair options on such as these StyleWell Cedarville chairs. On sale for $40 off and comes in a set of 2, these chairs will not break the bank. Or these Eurostyle woven seats are stunning!

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I remember as a kid traveling to my grandparents house for the holidays. My grandma had several china closets filled to the brim with various dishes. Some were holiday themed with red ribbons along the edges and others were plain. Each year she would get out a different set of china for the big feast. Fast forward to being a mom and preparing the meal for our family (immediate and extended) and I asked my husband to set the table.  He began pulling out the paper plates and I stopped him to grab the nice dishes.  There are only so many Christmas feasts where we get an opportunity to eat on nice china. So this year I added black to our collection of dishes. I love the quality of this Stone Lain matte black stoneware set and the set is huge! It comes with 32 pieces, enough for 8 people & the Rose Gold utensils really just seal the deal for me.

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One of the easiest things to update in any space is the art on the walls. While for most of the year I tend to have neutral art, during the holidays I like to add in some winter inspired art. While I was on the hunt for new art I found this two pack of modern circles. They come with a wood as well as a black frame option and are a great substantial size. has hundreds of options from mirrors, canvas prints, and other custom art. I’m sure you are bound to fall in love with a few different pieces!

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Adding some holiday garlands as the table’s centerpiece or string some garlands on the back of chairs with a big red bow and you are ready to enjoy your feast with your loved ones in a beautiful space your guests are sure to remember! 


The best part of this dining room update was made it so easy to get all the materials, supplies, and finishing touches. They offer free shipping on orders over $45. Flexible delivery options: Free in-store pick up, or 2-day shipping to home. Free returns at +2,200 stores. Easy Online Shopping Tools like “My List”, “Shop The Room”, and Product Recommendations.

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Links and Sources
Troy Dining Light

Drapes Oatmeal Solid Rod Pocket Room Darkening Curtain

STONE LAIN 32-Piece Modern Black Matte Stoneware Dinnerware Set

White Metal Farmhouse Cake Stand

StyleWell Cedarville Dark Charcoal Wood Dining Chair with Cross Back

Cambridge Waldwick Black Mirror 3-Piece Hostess Set

GIBSON elite Stonehenge Rose Gold Flatware Set 

Brown Jute Braided Table Runner

Winter Canvas Wall Art

“Modern Circles” Framed Canvas 

6 ft. Unlit Green Pine/Berry/Cone Artificial Christmas Garland

National Tree Company Dunhill Fir Snowy 18 in. Artificial Snowflake with Battery Operated

Magnolia Leaf Garland with White Berries

Table tutorial – DIY 70″ Dining Table 

Eurostyle Evelina Black Side Chair with Natural Rush Seat
HomeSullivan Walker Black Wood & Metal Low Back Dining Chair

Poly and Bark Cafton Black Crossback Chair

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