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How to Install an Elevated Board and Batten Accent Wall

board & batten

Can you believe the transformation this room has taken in just a few weeks? From DIY elevated board and batten accent wall in urbane bronze to a DIY woven leather king bed and its ready just in time for holiday guests to make their appearance!

The full step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate this elevated board and accent wall is below . Full tutorial for the DIY leather woven bed click here, and all for the sources for the guest room click here.

THE BEFORE: Blank slate.
The AFTER! DIY Elevated Board and Batten Accent Wall + DIY Woven Leather Bed

Urbane Bronze Accent Wall Board and Batten

The accent wall was a partnership with Royal Building supply using their PVC Mouldings.  Did you know PVC trim Mouldings can be used in place of/or along side wood to create accent walls? PVC trim products are common for exterior projects because of their durability and weather resistant, but they are a great alternative to wood for interior projects.

This Accent Wall was a combination of 3 Royal Building Products PVC Mouldings:
0.75-in x 5.5-in x 8-ft Common Board PVC Board
0.75-in x 3.5-in x 8-ft Common Board PVC Board
Base Cap Trim

Wood Filler
White Paintable Caulk

Tools Needed:

18-Gauge Brad Nailer
Miter Saw
220 grit Sanding Block
Tape Measurer
Caulk Gun

How to:

For this 13’ wide by 9’ tall accent wall I used a combination of 1×6” 1×3” and base cap molding.

First create a picture frame around the walls with 1×3” hugging the left and right corners and a 1×6” attached closest the ceiling and a 1×6” in place of your existing baseboards (if they aren’t already the flat 1×6” style).

If you don’t want to replace your baseboards you can start the accent wall above the baseboards and cut the ends of the vertical battens at a 45 degree angle so they don’t overhang the top baseboard lip.

Install these boards using 18 gauge 1 3/4” brad nails. If you angle your nail gun left and right the brad nails will actually cross inside the wall creating an X locking the board tight to your drywall without the need for any liquid nails or adhesive.

How to calculate your batten spacing

There’s a couple different ways to calculate board and batten spacing. There are also online calculators you can use to calculate spacing, but this equation is probably the easiest way.

1. Measure total length of wall: _____ inches

Width of one vertical batten: 3.5 inches

2. Number of boxes you want: ______ for my wall I did 5 boxes, but you can pick any number you’d like!

3. Number of vertical battens: # of boxes + 1= _____

Width of total battens: number of battens x width of 1 batten = 3.5” x 6 battens = 21inches

Width of box: total length of wall – width of battens / number of boxes

156” – 21” / 5 = 26.6”

And there you have it! Each box from batten to batten will be 26.6” wide!

Installing Board and Batten

Mark on the wall where the battens will be placed.

Measure the length of the batten from the top header piece to the baseboard and cut to size. Install using brad nails.

Once all vertical pieces are installed measure and cut the horizontal pieces that divide the tall upper box from the short lower box.

Install the horizontal dividing pieces with brad nails.

Adding Base Cap

Final step that turns this traditional board and batten into an elevated and sophisticated board and batten is adding the base cap moulding to each of the squares.

Base cap moulding is installed with the ends cut at a 45 degree miter. Measure and cut each piece to the length and height of the box.

Because the base cap moulding is made from PVC it is very flexible and can be bent to fit tightly into the square space leaving you with a perfect corner with little to fill.

Prep for Paint

Once all the base cap is installed using the same 1 3/4” brad nails, fill any nail holes with plastic wood filler, caulk any and all seams using a paintable caulk. Lightly sand wood filler with 220 grit sanding block and wipe down entire wall with a tack cloth to get rid of any loose dust and plastic shavings.

Royal Mouldings PVC trim is paintable with a acrylic latex paint. My paint of choice is Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic. This is the color SW 7048 Urbane Bronze in Matte finish.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know to get a beautiful elevated board and batten accent wall. Be sure to follow along on instagram @honeybuilthome for more DIY projects!


Benefits to Royal PVC trim in an interior setting is: 

1. Flexibility and bend-ability gives you tighter miter joints.  Wood is not as giving in flexibility and requires a lot of filler and precision on mitered joints. 

2. Water resistant. Want to do an accent wall in a wet space like a bathroom, mud room, or garage? PVC trim gives you the durability you need. 

3. No warping, bowing, or knots to deal with as you search for the “best pieces” to complete your project. 

Similarities and Differences in the install process.

PVC trim is similar to wood in that they are both easily cut with a miter saw, screw or nail it into place, and caulk and wood filled to prep for paint. The main difference is PVC trim will use PVC cement to join together boards, and wood will use wood glue.


The nice part of using PVC trim is it adheres well to acrylic paint without needing to be primed. This helps save a lot of prep time.

The wall was painted with Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic in the color SW 7048 Urbane Bronze in a matte finish.  Most interior walls are eggshell or satin in my home but with the wall being such a dark color I wanted to go down in sheen so its less light reflective and shows more of the true color with little to no shine. 

Overall the room is warm, its bold, and its inviting for all future guests to feel comfortable in. 

Full room Tour & Sources

If you are looking for any sources or links for decor, tools, or supplies for the guest bedroom, click here.

For more DIYs and behind the scenes of projects be sure to follow along on instagram @honeybuilthome and don’t forget to pin this project.. for later.

Shop the Guest Bedroom

This Accent Wall Royal Building Products PVC Mouldings:
0.75-in x 5.5-in x 8-ft Common Board PVC Board
0.75-in x 3.5-in x 8-ft Common Board PVC Board
Base Cap Trim

SW7048 Urbane Bronze Matte Finish Emerald Interior Acrylic
Paint Sprayer
Long Lumbar Accent Pillow (custom. mention Honeybuilthome)
Green Grid Pillows
Nightstands (old Threshold Target, similar linked)
White Embroidered Duvet Cover
King Mattress
King Sheets
King Grey/Cream Reversible Quilt
Headboard Woven Leather Fabric
White Wash Stain
Provinical Stain
Pouf Ottoman
Rug 8×10′ *Use code HONEYBUILT60 for 60% off

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