5 Must Have Tools

My 5 Must Have DIY Tools

Are you just starting to DIY and not sure which tools to have? 

These are my favorite must have tools, for every beginner, or not.


                                                             Miter Saw

I have been using a very simple miter saw, but it just died on me a few months ago so I updated and upgraded to this sliding miter saw and I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me. This 10 inch miter saw with laser and sliding capabilities cuts like BUTTER. A miter saw is really all you need for most wood working projects, installing trim around your home, ect. It gives you straight cuts as well as angle cuts and is VERY easy to use. If you are just wanting one that doesn’t break the bank here’s a basic model.

If you are looking to invest I’d suggest this model.

        Power Drill

We have come to LOVE this two pack of drill and driver impact driver. We use them all of the time! We actually got the set for Christmas 3 years ago. It was embarrassing how excited the both of us were over a power tool, but we use it constantly, plus I found that it’s on sale right now!

                                       Jig Saw

Need to cut something that can’t be cut with a miter saw? A cheap jig saw will usually do the trick. Plus its only $25.

                                             Angle Grinder 

My dad used to always say, “oh well we can cut that with an angle grinder” and I thought he was crazy. Low and behold I found a tutorial online where a contractor tiled an entire shower with an angle grinder. I was shocked and didn’t think it was possible but it’s true! Now an angle grinder doesn’t completely replace a tile wet saw, but for the majority of cuts it was quicker and much less mess. Plus at $45 it has to make the list.

Last but not least…..

                                           Brad/Finishing Nail Gun 

I cannot say enough things about this cordless finishing nail gun. I have procrastinated a LOT of finishing projects because getting out the heavy bulk and loud air compressor and hauling it up and down stairs. NOT ANY MORE. I didn’t think I could commit to the price tag since a typical brad nailer is fairly inexpensive, but this is WORTH every penny!!!


-Christine @Honeybuilthome


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