Tips to Organize your home, that WORK.

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I’ve spent the last few months purging all the things from my own closet, to kids toys, and those black hole bathroom cabinets. I am on an organize frenzy! I’m definitely not a professional organizer but, I have learned a thing or two about organization (mostly from The Home Edit), that would be helpful advice to pass on. 

Every piece has a home - Let's Organize!

I am the QUEEN of throw everything on the counter into any drawer or cabinet it’ll fit into before our deep cleaners come.  I do it almost every time and then weeks later wonder why my very organized cabinets are chuck full and dishelved.  Well, it’s my own doing! I have found that when everything has a home, I don’t need to shove it into the junk drawer!


How is it possible to have everything have a home, when you don’t have a lot of space. Well, it’s time to prioritize what you NEED and what you are holding onto for a rainy day. 

1- Have you used it in the last 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?

2- Do you have multiple of the same thing? Maybe you don’t need 4 pizza cutters. 

3- Does it hold sentimental value?

4- Are you holding onto it because it was expensive, but don’t use it?

5- Does it belong somewhere else that makes more sense?

What's your routine?

Do you have a morning routine?

For us, it made the most sense to dedicate a drawer in our kitchen for all things girls hair.  Yes. A hair styling drawer, in the kitchen.  Our morning routine involves my kids eating breakfast, and rushing out the door for school. With the bedrooms on a totally different floor it was hard for me as the mom to stop cooking to run downstairs with my girls to do their hair.  It has made a world of difference to have the brushes and hair ties all organize right there, next to the spatulas (different drawer) so we could be efficient in our morning routine.  When my girls get big enough to do it themselves we can repurpose the hair drawer for something else, but for now it makes sense! 

Keep Like Things, Together.

How many times a week does someone in your family run all around the house looking for a phone charger/computer charger?

We… are constantly on the hunt for charger cables and coveted charging blocks so to make life simple we dedicated an entire drawer to chargers and blocks

Everything is nicely color coded, labeled, and has an organize home.  It also made me realize that we have WAY more than I thought we did because they were shoved into random night stand drawers, desks, and office cabinets.  Now with them consolidated into one drawer it has also freed up a lot of space in other places. 

Favorite Organization Bins

I am a huge fan of The Home Edit’s line of clear organization from Walmart.  Every piece is so thoughtfully designed, the sizes are PERFECT, and so is the price tag. 

When you can, ROYGBIV

Yes! Rainbow everything! Theres’s something about arranging your items in rainbow order that is pleasing to the eye, heart, and soul.  

The color order is: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV)

Color order your closet, your bookcases, really anything! 

until next time, Christine

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