Picture Light Roundup – Hardwired, Battery, & Rechargeable

Over the past week I’ve been on the HUNT for some picture lights, the type of wall sconce that hangs above artwork or bookcases.  My original plan was to hardwire the lights and place a switch at the bottom of the bookcase to turn them both on, but 5 studs and a window got in the way of my plan.  

As I hunted high and low for options that aren’t hardwired I found a bunch of stylish options, some that might work for you too! 

Here’s a roundup of picture lights broken up into 3 categories, hardwired, battery operated, and rechargeable. 


This is definitely my first preference when it comes to picture lights.  No wires, powers on and off with the flip of a switch, and has the most affordable options that look beautiful. 

  1. This Cabinet Maker’s brass 18″ light was my inspiration light.
  2. If you have the height I love this arched top Renaissance brass light from Lamps Plus. 
  3. Ballard Designs Display Sconce in black would look incredible on a light colored wall. 
  4. The most budget friendly sconce of the hardwired sconces at under $50 I love the arm and square detail. 

Battery Powered

I need to order a bunch and test out the light color tone as well as brass tone, because lots of messages have come in saying they look more beautiful in real life than their Amazon picture.  Each of these requires no hardwiring, but instead have batteries you can swap out.  You just need to remember to turn them off otherwise you will burn through batteries like crazy. 

5. Brass finish from Lamps Plus: Probably my favorite looking battery powered light, but it is a little on the shorter end, 11 1/2 inches.  Just make sure this is proportional to your picture. 

6. Alcott Hill Bronze light is stunning and mounts behind the picture which will work on shorter walls or for a more minimalistic look. 

7. Biglight has the arched arm with a timer function on the remote so you don’t forget to shut it off. 

8. MIOBLUE has a modern square style with a small mounting plate for a sleek look. 

9. House of Troy 14″ polished brass light – Looks the most like the hardwired options and less focus on the light and more metal which I really like. 

10. The best looking rechargeable light, but also the most expensive.  This Lumens is my favorite of the bunch. 


Rechargeable Picture Lights

Maybe the best of both worlds if you are unable to hardwire, and don’t love burning through batteries.  Each of these lights have a USB plug to recharge the light.  Word of caution to still make sure you are turning them off otherwise you’ll be charging it 24/7. 

11. Slim black arm of the Arixinks 16″ wireless picture light. 

12. VIGMO light can be battery powered or USB rechargeable. The whole light is magnetic to the bracket allowing for ease of recharging. 

13. FUNCHDAY picture light is dimmable and has the square mounting plate for a more substantial look. 

Hopefully this helps as you are searching for picture light options.  

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until next time, 

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