DIY Beginner Basics - Online Course

Want to build the home of your dreams?

Are you sick and tired of waiting for your spouse or parent to have a free Saturday to work on your project list?

 Don’t know anything about power tools or home DIY but itching to customize your home? 

On a budget and can’t hire out for your dreamy shiplap wall or floating shelves?

 This fully online course is geared to help you learn DIY, for beginners, that may feel quite comfortable with power tools or building.

DIY Beginner Basics is here to help get you comfortable with power tools and finishing supplies (such as paint), so you can start tackling your own honey-do list and save thousands, all while getting the satisfaction of saying, “yeah, I built that!” 


A month ago I didn't own any tools and was afraid to venture to the lumber section! This is my happy place now! Thank you. Seriously. I'm a nurse like you and after long days, I needed something else. I'm a single mom too. I needed some hobbies... I appreciate your willingness to share and always answer questions.

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What's Included

Learning how to DIY can end up saving you thousands of dollars instead of hiring it out, plus you get the satisfaction of saying, “I built that!” In this course, I will be teaching you necessary skills to help you turn your living space into a home you love. Here is what is included:

Course Outline

  • Welcome to DIY Beginner Basics! A little about Christine
  • First things first, safety!
  • Let’s go SHOPPING!!!
  • Saving Money
  • Drill & Driver
  • Milter Saw
  • Milter Saw: Tips & Tricks
  • Brad Nailer
  • Kreg Jig
  • Optional: Orbital Sander
  • Optional: Jig Saw
  • Optional: Circular Saw + Rip Cut Guide


  • Measuring for Angles
  • Cutting Different Angles
  • Building a Wall
  • Predrilling vs. Countersinking and WHY
  • Behind your wall
  • All Things Screws
  • Measuring Normal vs. Actual 
  • Staining!
  • Paint Supplies
  • Wood filler: How to apply and where to apply
  • Wood fill it? Or Caulk
  • Wood filler vs. edgebanding
  • Patching Walls
  • All Things Paint
    • Priming: When to do it and when to skip
    • Paint Spraying
    • Painting Smooth Surfaces
    • Painting Walls
  • Where to find inspiration
  • Tips and Tricks with Instagram
  • All things Pinterest
  • How to create a mood board
  • Basics on Sketchup
  • Floating Shelves Start to Finish
  • How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets
  • How to Shiplap any Wall


You don’t need a full workshop of tools to get started in DIY! Christine goes in detail what
SIX tools you ACTUALLY need to get DIYing and how to save money buying them!


Shop along side Christine as she shows you what materials to get, how to pick wood and what wood you need, the best supplies, and how to plan and measure for your project and where to find tutorials.

Finish Like a pro

After 10+ years of DIYing, Christine shares all of her tips and tricks for painting, using a sprayer vs. roller, when to prime, how to cut accurately, caulking, and more to get that professional looking finish!


Common Asked Questions

DIY Beginners Basics is an online course full of more than 40 engaging videos that are pre-recorded, and lifetime access to watch again and again.

These videos cover all the basics from how to shop for tools and supplies, to how to use the tools and supplies. How to measure accurately. Where to find inspiration and tutorials. How to read those tutorials to actually be able to create a project and at the very end, we will build!

When ever you are ready! The course is pre-recorded which allows you to watch the videos at your convenience.  

Yes and no. Ideally for this course and if you are serious about starting to DIY project you should own a miter saw, a drill, and a nail gun.  These are what I call the necessity tools, but if you have a neighbor or family member you can borrow them from that works as well! If you have a DIY bestie, you can go in on tools together to lower the cost as well as purchase refurbished/lightly used tools from places such as ebay, craigslist, and Facebook marketplace. 

DIYing is an upfront investment, but once you start doing projects you will be saving yourself THOUSANDS instead of hiring it out, plus have that satisfaction of saying, “yeah, I built that!”

Meet the teacher

Christine, content creator of Honey Built Home and DIY Beginner Basics has been working with power tools and DIYing for over 10+ years. First as an apprentice to her dad, a retired plumber and handy man. Christine has mastered the basics taught and inspired thousands of women to STOP waiting, and start creating a home they love, today! Lets eliminate the fear of power tools and transform our spaces, together! 

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