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I Tested the 6 Best Pillow Inserts on Amazon–Here’s My Favorite!

Picture this: You’re trying to spruce up your couch or bed, because your current accent pillows are looking a bit sad. They’re 6 years old, falling flat, not holding shape and might just be the cause for that lingering stench in your room. No problem! “Alexa, show me the best pillow inserts on Amazon”

*cue list of 4000+ options*

I instantly felt the overwhelm of too many options. That’s why I tested out the Top 6 Rated Pillow Inserts on Amazon so you don’t have to!

Best amazon pillow inserts

Here’s What I Found:

#6 – Foamily : The first one I’m starting with, is also the last one I would buy again. I was just simply not impressed by this. It arrived vacuum sealed AND folded, so I expected it to take a while to get the life back into it. But after 48 hours, I realized there was no hope. Along with the pillow remaining flat, it also was disappointed with the cheap feeling mesh material that was used. Overall, just not a good option.

#5 – Edow : This insert came sealed and rolled, so I was hesitated to begin with. To my surprise, it really bounced into shape fairly quickly. At first glance, the outside of the pillow seemed good enough, but the filling just seemed to lack. For under $12, you’re getting a decent enough pillow, but I’d recommend just spending a few extra dollars to have one last longer.

#4 – Phantoscope : Here is an example of spending just a few more dollars, and getting a MUCH fuller pillow. This insert is around $18 and honestly, it really surprised me. I loved how FULL this pillow turned out to be. The one thing I found was that the pillow is not very shapable–meaning it will just stay square and not stay “chopped”. I always suggest sizing down on your pillow inserts to get a fuller look, but this one was doing great in a true-to-size case.

Best 2-Pack Option:

#3 – Utopia : Let me start by saying, this is a 2-pack for less than $20! Yes, you heard me right. If you’re needing more than one insert and are wanting to stay under budget, these would be great. My first thoughts were soft and sturdy. These are what I’d use in covers on a kids bed, because I know they will last and hold their shape.

Pillow inserts from amazon

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#2 – Downcool : I loved this option! Truly would’ve been hard to decide between first and second, but the deciding factor was the smell. Immediately after opening, I was hit with a strong chemically smell. I allowed the pillow to air out for many hours, but could still smell it, even under a cover. This pillow is down filled, so it’s very shapable and hold it’s shape without assistance. While this one is a great option, you definitely want to let the pillow air out for a day or two before using.

The Overall Winner:

#1 – Pillowflex : Ok. Let me start by saying this was the priciest option coming in at $28… But I absolutely see why! Immediately, this pillow showed to be very full. I was thrilled at the softness, and because it’s a synthetic down filler, there will be no little feathers poking through your case. I did the karate chop test and yes, my top choice. If you’re looking to be a bit more budget friendly, then #2 is a great option for you–just let it air out for a day or two.

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