Honey Built Home Area Rug Roundup

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this post is sponsored by Boutique rugs, but as always, all options are 100% my own.

It’s no secret that a good area rug is the foundation of a space. It grounds the furniture, provides color, texture, and warmth to a space. Here’s how I styled my Boutique rugs in my home. Be sure to use code: HBH65 for 66% off your own area rug!

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1- Parkerfield
2- Moseley
3- Bolivar
4- Cuckfield
5- Wallkill
6- Burdette
7- Trunding
8- Mundesley
9- Birdwood

Master Bedroom – Moseley & Parkerfield

Moseley – This Vintage, medium pile rug is perfect for any space that needs a little something extra. Anytime you add tassels are involved, you’re bound to be smitten. The rug includes a variety of cooler tones, blues, purples, and greys with a base color of Ivory.

Parkerfield – The Parkerfield is a great neutral option for any room. The neutral colors are perfectly complimented by a small mustard accent that you didn’t even need your kids to “accidentally add”.

Kitchen – Bolivar

Bolivar – I’ve loved this runner in my kitchen! The pattern is perfect for not only giving a bit of color to the space, but also hiding most of the food drops that dogs may miss!

Living room Burdette

Burdette – Everyone needs a good farmhouse style rug in their house. If farmhouse isn’t your exact style, this is a perfect traditional option that will compliment any style.

Guest Bedroom – Cuckfield

Cuckfield – Though it’s a little hard to see in the below picture, the cuckfield has been a great compliment to our guest space. Makes the guest feel like royalty while you didn’t have to rush to make the space presentable right before they arrive.

Outdoor – Wallkill & Dfafs

Wallkill – We’ve loved having this in our outdoor space. It cleans nicely, and gives a fun pattern to an already fun space!

Dfafs – Less is obviously more with this outdoor option. I love that it highlights the space so well, without taking away from the other features.

Entry – Greenpoint *washable rug!

Greenpoint – No entry way is complete without the perfect rug! It took trial and error, but the greenpoint was definitely the best choice for us! The subtle pattern, and low pile, makes for hiding entry dirt and shoe prints a breeze!

Bunk Room – Trunding

Trunding – One word. COZY! This was the perfect rug for the bunk room. Not only is it soft, but it makes jumping off the bed that much better!

Office – Bolinas

Bolinas – Classic and timeless. Our office space is a space for creativity and comfort–why not make it stylish? With so many colors throughout the rug, it helps make every aspect feel cohesive.

Media Room – Mundesley

Mundesley – Any run that is going to have a lot of activity, needs to be well patterned and durable. Luckily, I was able to find both with the Mundesley! This is a medium pile, so cleaning is a breeze! Our basement living space is our main spot for entertainment, so that is a MUST.

Teen Girls Room – Burham

Burham – With multiple patterns in one space, I love that the burham was able to be subtle, but make a statement in this teen bedroom. The pile is soft and will make for a great hangout place for all the friends!

Nursery – Birdwood

Birdwood – The birdwood has quickly moved up my list of favorites

Girls Room – Longville

Longville – The circular shape, the texture. This jute rug is such a simple and impactful way to add texture and interest to any space.

Sister in Law Rug picks 

Monterey – oversized feminine muted floral living room rug. It is a cooler grey-blue color with a very subtle pattern. Great for a large space that wants to feel cozy without feeling busy. 

Dauis – Washable Kitchen Runner! Yes, I said washable! Throw the whole thing in the washing machine and lay flat to dry! 

Whittington Family room rug, full of texture, and a raised pattern. 


Remember to use code HBH65 to shop site wide at Boutique Rugs! Happy Shopping!


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