Harper’s Herringbone Room Tour

Harper’s sweet blush pink room is almost done! This room is comprised of a LOT of DIY’s, including the infamous Herringbone wall, so let’s start at the top with all the tutorials and at the end I will link all of the things, ok?

Herringbone accent wall

Herringbone Accent Wall

I’ve been calling this wall herringbone for so long, but it is in fact a chevron pattern (minor oversight) haha, whoops. The entire wall is built with 1×2″ pre-primed MDF boards and a very easy to follow beginner friendly tutorial, $80 in lumber, link here. The wall paint is SW 6329 Faint Coral, but the color looked a little too light so I went back and had them add more tint to the paint so we say its SW 6329 Faint Coral at 40% darker in SW satin interior acrylic.

DIY Cane Daybed

Herringbone accent wall

A little touch of texture and bohemian with this DIY Cane daybed that’s inspired by a CB2 bed. If you aren’t a DIYer you can buy this bed, but its a little pricey. My DIY version cost under $150, with $120 of the cost going to the cane webbing. Cane is from Frank Supply, and the exact cane I is listed over in the tutorial.

Herringbone accent wall

Bedding is from Beddy’s. You’ve heard of Beddy’s, right? The zipper bedding that make parents dreams come true because your toddler/kid/college student can actually make their beds with ease! All of my kids have Beddy’s and LOVE them. They are basically a big sleeping bag/fitted sheet for your bed. The blanket and sheet are attached with a full zipper around 3 sides and can be completely unzipped to wash in your washing machine. This pattern is chic white which has a few ruffles and a soft minky interior. And use CODE: HONEYBUILTHOME for 20% off your entire order!

Night Stand & Kids Table DIY

herringbone accent wall. Decorative mural accent wall

A few pieces of furniture we had sitting around that did not go with the estetic of the room was this round Disney Cars themed table and a glass grid door accent table. We’ve had both for over 3 years and they were a little beat up and needed some love. So I decided to try some Krylon Chalk Spray Paint in the color Mink and matte finish to revive these sad furniture pieces and I’d say, #missionaccomplished.

I first prepped with a wipe down of a microfiber cloth followed by some KILZ spray primer that is supposed to bond hard to paint surfaces. It’s my first time using this spray primer. It’s less expensive than its competitor friend, Zinsser BIN shellac which I know and love. I used just one spray can on both pieces of furniture. Let that dry for over 6 hours then sprayed on the Chalk spray paint by Krylon. Two cans took care of both pieces. I did sand down the tops lightly with 220 grit in between the two coats. Finally I topped it with Krylon’s matte top coat sealer. Time will tell how well they wear, but so far they look amazing.

herringbone accent wall. mural accent wall

Playhouse under the stairs

Ahhh! the little nook that makes Harper’s room next level is her little playhouse under the stairs. This was one of the first projects we planned for the home as we were finishing the basement. Harper’s room shares a wall with the closet that goes under our stairs, which most people use for random things like luggage and brooms…

shiplap house accent

But in our last house we had a little opening that allowed the kids to go under the stairs and turned the regular door into a dutch door and our kids were OBSESSED with playing in there. We knew we needed to recreate this space in our home so we framed out a little opening in her wall, had it sheetrocked, and once we were settled I began trimming out the opening with a mini house complete with roof shingles, porch light, mini mailbox, and a mini door! The full tutorial for the playhouse can be found here.
New paint Color: SW Dutch Cocoa in matte finish Emerald Interior Acrylic

Playhouse Interior:

What’s a little girls playhouse without a kid size DIY faux fireplace? I mean, this is definitely “extra,” but how much fun is it going to be season after season to decorate their own little mantel for the holidays?! The mantel is made from 2×4’s and drywall and is painted SW Porcelain mixed with baking soda for an extra matte finish. The tiles have been, unfortunately, discontinued, I’m sorry I don’t have a link for them! The little tree is from IKEA, and the stunning wall decals are “Lily Night” from Indigo Designs. Use the code Honeybuilt20 for 20% off anything site wide.

playroom under the stairs

DIY IKEA PAX Closet Hack

A custom IKEA PAX closet has always been on my radar for my kids rooms, but the $1000 price tag was a little too spending for a kids closet. So instead I built this custom closet using some clearance Elvarli Drawers I found for $5 at IKEA, along with some melamine boards I picked up at Home Depot. Total cost for the closet was $150 for the builtins and $110 for the floral boxes, and hamper from Home Goods.


Wooden 3 Drawer Boston Dresser
Wall Mural: Parisian Street
Tassel Chandelier
Chic White Beddy’s Bedding 20% off with code: HONEYBUILTHOME
CB2 Cane Daybed
Faux Olive Tree
Accent table Night Stand
Lazy Susan
Little Table similar
Little Chairs
Playhouse number 3
Playhouse sconce lantern
LED Flat Rope Light
Puck Lights With Remote, Starxing Wireless Led Puck Lights Battery Operated, Led Puck Lights With Remote Control, Led Under Cabinet Lighting, Dimmable Closet Light, Battery Powered, 4000K Natural Whit“>Playhouse Sconce puck light
Playhouse mini mailbox
Curtain Rod
Roller Shades: White Linen
White Fur Pillows
Sage dot pillow
Woven letters: Hobby Lobby Spring Decor
Utensil/Crayon Holder: Hobby Lobby
Floral Vase: Hobby Lobby
Lamma Pillow: Hobby Lobby
Lumbar Pink: Target
Lumbar textured blue: Home Goods

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