DIY Beginner Basics - Learn to DIY

 is an online course of 40+ engaging and educational videos that take YOU step by step though the DIY process. How to safely use tools. Tips and tricks to get accuracy and precision in your project. The best supplies to use for the job. 

Do you know when to use wood filler vs. caulk? 

How to use a paint sprayer? 

When is priming necessary?

 The difference between a bevel or a miter? 

What screws to use for each project?

How to design furniture with sketchup or create mood boards?  

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, DIY Beginner Basics is for YOU! Christine has helped hundreds of women, most who had never touched a power tool before the course build up the confidence to install shiplap, renovate kitchens, build furniture, customize their homes to a place they love! So what are you waiting for? Join TODAY!

DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics - Home Renovation DIY

DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics is a one stop resource for all of your home renovation needs in the kitchen and bathroom spaces.  These two rooms of your home are the most use, give you the biggest return on investment in terms of resale, and also cost the most when hiring out.  To help save you THOUSANDS, Christine has created an all inclusive guide to teach you:

How to build a cabinet box

How to design and install a kitchen (IKEA hack, from scratch, or hybrid)

How to install tiles in any space: floor, walls, showers, backsplashes

The best supplies to purchase for the job

Basics of plumbing fixture & toilet installation 

When to hire it out & more! 

If you have a dated space and you are comfortable with a hammer and a few basic power tools, then you are READY to join DIY Kitchen and bath basics!  Course is currently in PRESALE which means you buy today for a discounted price and will receive full access to the online lessons October 1st, 2021! 

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