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Top 6 Tools Every Beginner DIYer Needs

Part of learning DIY is having the right tools to get the job done, and I believe that with these 6 tools you can tackle almost ANY DIY project on your list! These are also the 6 tools that I teach in depth in my online course, DIY Beginner Basics.  You can use code: HONEYBUILT10 to get 10% off the course! 

Drill & Driver: yes you need both and you can usually find them in a pack together for around $120-150. I use the new brushless 18V by Ryobi and they are lightweight, and powerful. 

Miter Saw: My most used saw. I would highly recommend investing in a 10inch SLIDING miter saw from the beginning. It’s worth the extra cost to be able to cut wider boards.  A 7 inch that doesn’t slide can’t even cut a 5” piece of trim.

Brad Nailer: 18 gauge brad nailer my 2nd most used tool. Battery powered allows you to be free to cords and loud bulky air compressors.  

Jig Saw: Cutting around electrical outlets or need a curved cut, a jig saw will be your best friend. 

Orbital Sander: Refinishing furniture, removing old stain, or prepping to paint or stain a new piece. I recommend a CORDED orbital sander so you don’t blow through all of your batteries. 

Kreg Jig: Build furniture, attach your wood without visible screws, you need a pocket hole jig.


Mastered the Basics… My Speciality Tools

Multi Tool: Cuts baseboards in place, trims Sheetrock, trims long nails, corner sander attachment. 

Table Saw: This is a great model for a beginner, its 10” compact and portable.

Planer: Smoothing down a surface or ripping down rough wood a planer can get the top layer of your wood off in a fraction of the time it would take to sand it down

Circular Saw: Don’t have a table saw? A circular saw is inexpensive and can make most cuts a table saw makes. 

Rip Cut: Attachment for your circular saw to cut boards straight. 

Router: Curve the edges of your wood, notch out specialty patterns, flush trim bit to smooth a piece flush. Routers have MANY features some which work better with a router table, some work better freehand. 

Paint Sprayer: 3 options, one for every budget.  Graco TC Pro is going to be the most expensive, but its cordless, no thinning of your paint needed, ultra smooth finish. Graco Truecoat is the step down version of the TC Pro, half of the price, but is corded.  The least expensive model is the Homeright Super Finish Max. This has very little overspray, but does need multiple coats and takes some getting used to with thinning down with water to get the best consistency. 

ShopVac: I have 2 models, a 3.5 gallon that can attach to my sander and is good for small projects, and a larger model for big jobs. 


Workshop Organization

Workbench: Now that I’ve own this for almost a year I can safely say that I love it. The drawers are deep and vary in size to hold all of the things. I wouldn’t use the top for building on because it easily scratches (if you care to keep it looking beautiful), but this workbench is the best bang for its buck. Much longer/larger than the models at Home Depot or Lowes. 

Wall Control: A peg board, but more durable and more beautiful. It’s made of metal. You can use standard peg board attachments, or wall control accessories 

Foldable Worktable: Super inexpensive, from walmart, but quality! It comes with 2 clamps that can be used freehand or attached to the table. Folds up nicely and is sturdy enough to place your miter saw on top as a cutting station. 

Paint Organization: I don’t have anything fancy here. I keep my paint cans on a costco shelf and all of my painting supplies organized into large plastic bins for easy “grab and go” 

Tool Cart: My dad’s genius idea! I place all of my supplies and tools on this little black cart and wheel it from project to project. It helps keep my tools from being all over the floor and I’m no longer pacing back and forth looking for my tape measure. 

Wood Storage: This wall mounted system is so handy for all those extra boards that are cluttering up your garage. Mount it high so you have space under to work!

Favorite Supplies


Laser Level 


Painting Supplies 


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